Want to try yourself on a Trampoline for the first time ?

To use a trampoline correctly, you essentially are just climbing onto the trampoline bed, making sure to avoid your feet slipping between the spaces of the springs. If you do, you could injure yourself, the seriousness dependent on if you were in the act of climbing on, or if you were jumping up and down and landed the wrong way. Remember, trampolines are fun to bounce around on, but you have to be extremely careful and take it slow, especially if you’ve never used one before.

For safety’s sake, it’s generally recommended that only one person use the trampoline at any one time. Everyone else who plans to use it can wait his or her turn on the ground. In addition, each person can act as an additional safety lookout in the event the person jumping up and down is injured in some way. It’s tempting for two people (or even three!) to want to use the trampoline together, at the same time. Do this and you do it at your own peril, as the more people on the trampoline at one time, the more you risk getting injured.

The other consideration when climbing a trampoline is to go barefoot. Do not, under any circumstances, wear socks, as these can cause you to slip and increase your changes for serious injuries. For this reason, if you’re skittish about going barefoot, as well as the other users, then you probably won’t have a lot of fun on the trampoline. However, a backyard trampoline, in particular, avoids this potential awkward problem.

Depending on your height, you may need some help climbing the trampoline. If you plan to do this yourself, lift your whole body, and lean in toward the trampoline, as you swing on leg and then the other, onto the trampoline bed. If you need some assistance climbing the trampoline, don’t be afraid to ask for help. At all times, especially for younger children, there must be adult supervision on the ground. Don’t make the mistake of allowing younger children to climb on or off without any assistance. They may end up being safe while on the trampoline, but then suffer injury as a result of climbing on or off.
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