How To Educate Your Children About Home Security?

What do your children know about home security? Obviously they know they need to lock the front door when you’re away and not open it to strangers. This knowledge may not be enough to protect them from criminals or any dangerous situation. That’s why it is important to teach your children some basic home safety rules. 
Even if your child is not old enough to stay home alone, he or she still needs to know some basics about security. In situations when you stepped away for a while to get some milk from the store, went to take a nap, or you’re simply working from home your child would be left alone. That’s why children should have some basic understanding of safety.
Phone call
Your children should know how to make an emergency call in case anything unexpected happens. Teach them how to dial your phone or call your neighbors. This knowledge would help them feel safer in any emergency situation. They should also know when it is necessary to call 911.
Do you have an alarm system at home? Does your child know how to turn it on and switch it off? Teach your children how to insert a security code to disarm the alarm. Tell them that they are not supposed to share this information with strangers as they don’t always realize that this information is private. If you leave your children at home alone, don’t forget to arm your alarm.
Home Security Game
Games help children learn faster. You can create a series of home security games with role-playing and emergency practice. What would you do in case of an earthquake or any other nature disaster? Where should you hide and run? This way your children would obtain a hands-on emergency experience.
Your children should know that they are not supposed to open the door to strangers without your permission. Children should learn how to say ‘no’ to people asking to use the phone or have a glass of water because they have a flat tire or any other emergency. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that if a child answers the door, the burglar may think that your child is home alone. Consider installing a video intercom system. The phrase “my dad is in the shower” would create an illusion that a child is not alone at home.
Teach them how to lock/unlock the door when you’re away. They should know how to use all the locks in the house, how to open the basement and attic.
If your children know their names, home address and phone number, they are old enough to know more about home security. They should know what to do in case of an emergency situation. Create an emergency phone list and place it on your fridge, so that your children would know what to dial in case of fire or burglary. Both you and your children should know some simple facts about first-aid help. Remember that your home safety depends on you.
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