Buying Sunglasses !! Here are the tips for Men

When you are going to buy sunglasses, you should better know what type of sunglasses would fit your face properly and when it’s about fitting of sunglasses, you first know what kind of face you have. Sadly, a lot of men never take this into account and only rely on the sales man of the store. It’s better to take some time to figure out what shape face you have.
If you’re a man, then your face most likely to be in one of these four categories: square, round, oval, or heart-shaped. Here’s how to break down what type of sunglasses you should buy depending on your face type:
  • Square Face | Sunglasses Fit: Oval, Round, Aviator – Men with square faces typically have strong jawlines, a wide forehead, and wide cheekbones. Your face is angular, so avoid angular sunglasses and stick to more round or oval frames. They’ll help define your facial structure and offset your already angular face.

  • Round Face | Sunglasses Fit: Wider Angular or Rectangular Frames – Because round faces are soft, they should be offset by frames that minimize the curves. This is done by choosing sunglasses that are more rectangular to help make your brows appear higher and your face longer. Also, darker frames will make your face look heavier and of course it will look good.
  • Oval Face | Sunglasses Fit: Any Frame, Rectangular – Having an oval face provides you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to sunglasses. To help reduce emphasis on the length of your face, try to find a rectangular frame that helps make your face look wider.
  • Heart-shaped or Triangular Face | Sunglasses Fit: Cat-Eyes, Straight Top Line, Geometric Shape: Men who have heart-shaped faces typically have narrow jaws and larger upper faces and foreheads. To counterbalance this, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or rimless-bottom frames work by widening the lower portion of your face and balancing your jawline.

As a general rule, it’s good to avoid sunglasses that are shaped similar to your face and any you chose should be proportional in size.  

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  1. Aw . Its nice Man . At least one should think before they buy sunglasses .

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