Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Birthdays

Finding cool party ideas for teen birthdays can be tough. Depending on their age, your teens may just want to get away from the house to be with their friends, especially when they get a bit older. However, it is possible to put together some cool birthday ideas for teen birthdays, with some ideas involving booking a recording studio, holding a disco, and putting on themed parties in your back garden. What, then, can you focus on for a teen party?

 Putting on themed parties in  your garden
Some general ideas that you can consequently try out for your teen birthday include going along to local venues for ice skating or bowling, while also putting on themed parties in your garden, if you have the space; this can mean having a prom style party with a marquee, limousines, and a buffet. Alternatively, you can enhance a summertime teen birthday party with a BBQ and outdoor dancing, as well as through a Hawaiian theme.
 Organize a discos
Teen laser discos can also be a great way to engage teens of different age; this can mean hiring professional entertainers to organize laser light shows with DJs and smoke machines. Once a party venue is booked, you can let DJs put on a playlist that’s suitable for teens, while also creating light shows that can be toned down or up depending on whether you want to put out food and other items during the night.
 Hiring party planners
A similar approach to take involves hiring party planners to put on a UV laser party - this can feature UV lights that make white clothing, bracelets and necklaces stand out, and can also be combined with a disco featuring laser shows and chart music. These kinds of parties represent excellent ideas if you want to do something a bit different from a standard disco, and can be suitable for teens of different ages.
 Themed party ideas
Other themed party ideas for younger teens might involve organising karaoke sing offs and dance competitions as part of a popstar theme, with quizzes and fancy dress also included. You might also want to book a local recording show that offers party packages; these can allow teens to record tracks, which can then be played back at the end of the day. Mini recording studios can similarly be set up in your home.

When planning for a teen birthday party, make sure that you book entertainment well in advance so that you’ll have time to get supplies and organise a guest list.  It can help to hire services like DNA Kids Teenage Parties to help you make the day a success. If organising a party at home, find older teens and other helpers that will allow you to keep things moving smoothly, while allowing you to speed up the cleaning at the end of the day or night. Investing in professional party planners can, however, make it easier to let the main section of a party run effectively.
Author Bio: Emily Steves a staff writer associated with some kids blogs. In her free time she spend fun time with her niece by cooking cake and cookies,arranging birthday party for them etc.She recommends DNA Kids teenage parties if you want a well run disco or UV laser party, or any other type of themed birthday party.

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