Does Money Make Our Jobs More Enjoyable?

The question of whether money makes our jobs more pleasant is one of the most frequently asked. People believe that it is true and that the higher your salary is, the better you feel about doing what you are doing. You can often hear people complaining that if only they were paid more, they would be more motivated to achieve better results and outdo themselves at work. That is why scholars have decided to check whether there is an interrelation between our pay and efficiency at the workplace.

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Let’s start with a simple statement: even if you are paid enough (though the definition of this word is different for all people), salary alone cannot be a good reason to keep working. You know this feeling: there are tasks that no matter how much you get for them, you hate and nothing can make you change your mind about them.

That is why Tim Judge and his fellow scholars have decided to find out the interrelation between the wages and level of satisfaction we get from our job. In the course of the study, it turned out that only a small percentage of satisfaction comes from the amount of money you get. On top of that, there is no particular number people want to get to be happy about their responsibilities. As Judge noted, people living in different parts of the world agreed that it is not money that keeps them motivated.

Of course, we want to pay the bills and buy new things, so we go to work. But unless you are doing something you are passionate about, there is no way money you receive for your job will make you happy.

While still on the topic, Judge and his fellow scholars have concluded that people tend to be less motivated if they make more money. Furthermore, employees show more determination and desire to do something very well when not knowing how much they will be paid in the end.

You should also know that money is also considered a distraction. Once you are only working to get a long-awaited reward at the end of the term, you will fail to succeed. Therefore, we highly recommend realizing that your work is not only about money, as it demotivates us. We do not suggest you quit your job and start volunteering, but it is important to focus on your goals and passions instead of the financial reward you get in the end.  And here is why:

1 .     You will keep on track when doing what you love. On the contrary, you are more likely to quit if your only motivation is money.
2 .     You will live with a soul-sucking feeling that you are selling your precious time for money.
3 .     You will hate mornings, as you will know that you woke up only to go to work you absolutely hate.
4 .     You will collect money for doing what you don’t enjoy and won’t have enough time to spend them on things you love doing. Vacation is too short to make up for all the long hours you spend in the office doing something that, as you believe, is a total waste.
5 .     You will ruin your health, as stress that comes both from the realization that you are not where you want to be in life but you still have to keep going is likely to have a devastating effect on your health condition.
6 .     You will not be able to utilize all the potential for creativity you have; it is known that creativity only works when you do what you love and love what you do.
7.     You will always feel miserable. Seeing how others love their jobs and pursue their dreams, you will feel like a failure. And no money can compensate the absence of inner peace.
Therefore, money is necessary, but it should never be the only factor you take into account when picking the career to pursue. It is a huge problem for young people today that considering the costs of living today opt for jobs with larger paychecks rather make ends meet.  If you want to enjoy every single minute of your job, pick up the profession that pays less but brings you joy and helps you utilize your creative potential.

Finally, if you are a manager, you should keep this in mind: your employees can work better with the pays they get now if you take a close look and see what is crucial for them. Let each of them do what they are passionate about – and you will be surprised to see significant efficiency growth. Good leadership and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams are what your subordinates need. So, boost their creativity and desire to overcome all the obstacles on the way to becoming a real success!

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