Landing Your First Accounting Job In Australia

Looking for your first accounting job? You have many opportunities available to you here. In Australia, accountants are employed by the government, privately owned companies, multinational corporations, and non-profit organisations. To help the aforementioned organisations stay strong and competitive, the accountants perform a variety of tasks including account analysis, tax planning, risk assessment and investment management. Today, there is an increased demand for accountants in Australia.


Uniquely skilled and highly regarded, accountants are wanted by almost every organisation in Australia. If you’re an accounting graduate and are looking for your first accounting job then you’ll be to know that a number of services are ready to hire you. The other good news is that you can earn approximately $55,000 per year from your first job. Some of the services accountants can work for in Australia include tax services, management services and audit services. Following is what each service employs accountants for.

Tax services

Accountants are hired by tax services in Australia for a number of purposes. Work performed by accountants for tax services include filing tax returns on behalf of clients, preparing tax for the individuals or companies, and helping  the individuals or companies to fulfil their tax duties and lower their tax bill. Generally, a tax accountant is the accountant hired by tax services in Australia.

Management services

The work management services hire accountants for include long-term and strategic planning for individuals and companies. Additionally, the accountants working for management services help individuals to better manage their everyday activities. The work management services in Australia hire accountants for include cash management, financial planning, investment guidance, risk management, budgeting, insurance coordination, preparation of financial statements, and estate planning. Accountants hired by management services include budget analysts, bookkeepers, payroll accountants and auditors. 

Audit services

The accountants hired by audit services are the most skilled and highly regarded accountants around. The accountants hired by audit services include auditors, tax accountants and CPAs. Generally, audit services hire CPAs and auditors to assist the decision makers in companies such as CEOs, CFOs and operational heads. The CPAs, auditors and tax accountants help the decision makers by improving the context or quality of their company’s financial and non-financial information. Additionally, they perform auditing to ensure that the company’s financial information is correct and satisfies the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) criteria. To perform the audit, the CPAs or auditors appraise the financial information of the company. If you have any of the aforementioned skills then you’ll be a good fit for audit services.
In Australia, a number of work opportunities are available to accounting and finance graduates. Today, many employers offer accounting internships where accounting graduates can harness their skills, gain experience and become professionals. If you know where to look, finding an accounting job in Australia is rather easy. Once you’ve landed your first job, you can develop your skills to progress in your career.

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