9 Tips To Make Your Life More Sustainable

While environmentalists are working around the clock to find new ways to protect the environment from more damage caused by global warming, some people are doing the same thing. If everyone gets on board the environmental-friendly bandwagon, it will be possible to save the earth from becoming unlivable for humans. In the meantime, there are many things you can do as an earthling. First and foremost, you can begin to make your life more sustainable.


Start Recycling

Many state, city, and municipal waste companies have initiated recycling programs to fight global warming. Landfills are filled to the brim with materials that are harmful to the environment. Fortunately, not all trash is harmful to the environment. For example, yard debris is not harmful, which is why it is being recycled for future uses. How can yard debris be recycled? These materials can be turned into mulch for gardens. Mulching is not a complex process. In fact, it can be done with the use of a tumbling composter.


Tumbling composters are very affordable, easy to utilize, and manageable. States like Vermont, are mandating their residents to compost their food scraps and yard debris. While it is not mandated to purchase a tumbling composter, it is still mandated. Skipping the store-bought composter, Vermont citizens can transport their food leftovers and yard debris to their local recycling center, where it will be converted into compost.


Rubber tires are another example. Unusable rubber tires are converted into mulch. Rubberized mulch is extremely popular among American home and business owners because it offers many benefits. The number one benefit of rubberized mulch is longevity. Unlike wood mulch, rubberized mulch can last for more than a year. In fact, it can last up to 10 years in most cases.


Reduction Of Food Waste

Did you know that the average household family throws away $2,200 worth of food each year? When you look at the numbers of homeless and starving in the world, it makes you really question things. That aside, thrown away food can be a big hindrance. Most people don’t think about it, but food doesn’t just go in the garbage to the landfill where it magically disappears. No, it’ll sit in that landfill and create what are known as greenhouse gases. These are pretty much toxic or harmful emissions that can have the same negative effect on the environment as gas emissions.


So, it only makes sense that if you reduce your food waste, you reduce your overall carbon footprint. There are several ways to go about doing this. The first obviously is not to throw away as much food. Donate it, keep it for leftover, or incorporate it into other dishes. Heck, you can even get a trash compactor. Anything is better than just discarding food waste and not thinking twice about it.

Opt For A More Efficient Showerhead 

Water is a huge area where a lot of people waste and don’t realize it. How long do you leave the ink running while brushing your teeth? Do you start the shower and let it get warm before hoping in? It could be entirely possible that you are being inefficient and just don’t know it. When’s the last time you updated your showerhead? If it has been over a year or two then it highly likely that you are using more water than necessary. Visit your local hardware store and pick up a water-efficient showerhead, which will cut your water consumption by as much as 40 percent.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the free replacement of old showerheads with water-saving models is an eligible activity under the Victorian Energy Saver. This simply means that your local water provider might be able to get someone to replace your showerhead for free just in the event that you don’t know-how.

Reduction Of Thermostat

Heating is another major energy consumer. It is also likely a huge contributor to your monthly electric bills. Want to reduce both your footprint and energy costs? Turn that thermostat down or even opting for a higher efficiency model can go a long way. Just remember, every degree you pump up the heater, the more pollution you are causing. Even with energy-efficient heaters, you are still contributing to the disintegration of the earth and its resources.


Ultimately, a lot of people waste stuff. They use a straw and throw it away. Others may drink from a Styrofoam cup before throwing it out. While you’ll want to stay away from these machines, you should use them as much as possible. This is very important. If you want to protect the environment, you’ll want to use these products more than once. You can use almost anything multiple times including cups, plates, forks, straws, and more.

Reduce Energy Use 

Your home has electricity. You likely wouldn’t be able to live without it. The only problem is that using your electricity means that you’re harming the environment. Well, you can likely offset this problem by moderating your household’s energy use. This is far more important than you could ever imagine. You need to stop using so much energy. Those nonrenewable resources are not going to last forever. With that being said, you should turn off the lights in your home when you’re not using them. Use less energy in your home.

Plant Seeds 

You are likely looking for a hobby. Well, you’ll want to choose one that aligns with your eco-friendly attitude. With that being said, you should think about planting seeds. This is a good way to spend time and enjoy yourself. Furthermore, you may benefit greatly from this hobby. With a little luck, you’ll plant seeds and you’ll get food. However, you can plant anything including edible herbs, fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Plant seeds and you’ll help Mother Nature tremendously. Some companies are now using certain seeds and plants as sustainable fibers in clothing and furniture. LENZING™ EcoVero™ viscose fiber manufacturer is one of these companies.

Donate Items 

At some point, you’re going to get tired of your old bike. Well, you shouldn’t take it to the landfill. This is only making matters worse. Instead, you should try to give the bike to someone who is going to use it. You can donate it to a charitable organization such as the Salvation Army. Alternatively, you can try reselling the product to someone else. You don’t want to dump it in the landfill so you’ll want to give it away so it can be used again.

Drink From Your Tap

Drinking bottled water is good in some situations. However, people who want to protect the environment should drink from the tap. This is the best way to protect Mother Nature. By drinking from the tap, you won’t have to worry about those plastic bottles. Some are concerned that the water supply in their area is going to be unsafe. This is not the case. More municipal water supplies will be safe and clean. So, you can drink from the tap without worrying about it.

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