How to Raise a Happy Baby

 Every mother's happiness is to see their child happy and healthy. A baby's life is filled with sleeping, gurgling, and crying. Regardless of spending sleepless nights soothing a crying baby, a mother will still do it repeatedly to ensure that their baby is smiling. The truth is nothing can make a baby happy than their mothers love. If you have been trying to keep your baby comfortable and happy, this article is for you. Here are excellent tips to help you with just that.

Baby Comforters

All babies want the attention of their mothers. This is why you will find them crying whenever they feel like no one is paying attention to them. Due to responsibilities that need to be attended to, you might not always be around. To ensure that your baby stays happy, you should consider getting them a comforter. As a way to show your love, consider getting a personalised comforter. Your baby must stick to one comforter. It is also vital that you get a washable comforter. This promotes hygiene. Whenever your baby is sad, they will feel like someone they love is there for them if they have a comforter.

Colorful Gifts

Gifting your baby is always a great way to stay keep them happy. This is because it makes your baby feel appreciated and loved. It is important to gift your baby every time they do something new successfully. This shows that you recognize their efforts. It is also a way to motivate them. Good examples of gifts for your baby include colorful personalised bobble hats, colorful books, and baby puzzles.

Respond Quickly

Another way you can keep your baby happy is by responding quickly to their cries and fusses. You should not listen to people that tell you it's a good thing to let your baby cry it out first. Crying is a sign of communication. This means that if your baby is crying, something must have gone wrong. It also means that the baby needs you. Responding quickly builds the baby's trust in you. Remember that a baby cannot understand how busy you are. Letting them cry for a long time only teaches them that the world is a frightening place and that they are not needed or loved.

Sleep near Your Baby

Even though some people may discourage you from sleeping near your baby, research states that babies who sleep next to their parents are most likely to thrive. They also grow to their potential best physically, emotionally, and mentally. You must have noticed that the baby cries less on nights you sleep near them. Having someone around makes them feel loved, protected, and cared for. A loved baby is a happy baby.


You need to understand that how you treat your child from a very young age plays a significant role in who they become when they grow. Fill your baby's environment with love, happiness, and care, and they will most likely be a person who generates positive energy.

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