First Date ???? ... Tips to help You out ...

So, you decided to ask this girl out, but you are not sure how to go about doing that. There is so much conflicting and confusing advice out there on asking women out on a date, that it’s hard to figure out which advice is most useful in your specific situation. Indeed, it is important to ask the girl out the right way and avoid the typical mistakes that so many guys make when they ask girls out.
Here is a list of points that you should keep in mind to make sure that you ask the girl out the right and the attractive way:

# 1. Don’t ask but invite. Don’t start your conversation with “Would you like to go out with me?” This kind of passive attitude implies a certain lack of confidence and initiative on your part. Women, especially those women who are “romantically” inclined – who want to love and be loved, enjoy seeing a guy who takes charge  when it comes to going out and dating. So, instead of asking whether she would like to go out on a date, invite her out and start the conversation with: “Let’s take a walk together at this new park.”

# 2. Don’t use the word “date.” As ironic as it sounds, you are better off not using the word “date” when you are asking a girl out on your first date. Instead, simply invite her to spend time with you. “Lets go on a date” take all the romance and all the tension out of the situation and will likely turn the time you spend together into a very “non-date” like experience. If she asks if it’s going to be a date, this is a perfect opportunity for you to be funny and say playfully something like: “Of course not; it’s purely business.”

# 3. Be specific about time and place. Don’t say “let’s do….. sometime.” Name the day and approximate time of when you want to meet. Also, don’t use vague, weak words, such as “let’s hang out” as this implies some kind of passive attitude and purposelessness to your time together.

# 4. Don’t make a big deal out of asking her out. Don’t make it sound like asking her out is a matter of life and death. If you are tense and nervous when asking her out, she will feel just as tense and nervous. Make your invitation sound as if it was the most natural thing for you to do (and it should), and this will help her feel comfortable and at ease with the plan as well.

# 5. Don’t plan anything too exciting or complicated. The purpose of the first date is to spend time together and focus on each other rather than some very interesting activity such as a concert, sports game, etc. So keep that first date simple where you have the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other without too many distractions.

Keep the above five tips for asking a woman out on a first date in mind, and they will likely serve you well.

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