10 tips to follow to write a persuasive essay

What is persuasive essay writing?
Persuasive essays are also known as argument essay where the writer with the help of valid points and reasons makes the reader accept that his point of view on a particular topic is more legitimate than its opposite point of view. To write a persuasive essay following tips can come in handy and still if you find this too overwhelming a job you can use the website writemyessayonline.com to get instant access of awesome essays as well as writers.

1.     Do not attempt to change the prompt question:
Prompts are basically questions asked by the teacher in the class or an idea which has two aspects to it and which needs to be discussed upon. Understand the prompt before taking sides and in doing so avoid changing the n=basic meaning of the prompt.

2.     Structure your matter:
Frame a brief outline of not more than a page which will form the basic idea around which the main essay can be drafted. This will give you a brief idea as to what points you want to include in an essay.

3.     Introduction, the first part of the structure:
Writing an anecdote as an introduction would be the right way to lead your readers into the essay. Even a short personal story will do the job. The role of this part of the structure of the essay is to ease the reader into your point of view without them actually knowing it.

4.     Main body, the second part of the structure:
The main body of the essay must be divided in to three parts which would be based on logic, emotions and morals which would the heart of the content of all these paragraphs. The statement of support in your essay should have the ring of truth to it which is the catalyst in creating an environment which makes the reader believe in your logic.

5.     Conclusion the last part of the structure:
A conclusion should be in the form of a summary of all that is discussed in the main body of the essay albeit phrased differently which induces the reader to think over your arguments on the behalf of your point of view.

6.     Don’t forget to address the opposition:
While gathering points to reinforce your point of view, it has been seen that they forget to address the opposite side of the given prompt as well which should be rectified with the help of logical and ethical reasons which prove that your point of view is right.

7.     Endless revision:
Instead of waiting till the last minute to frame the persuasive essay take time to properly format it. Revising it again and again and again is the key to the best finished product possible.

8.     Revising by reading aloud:
Habituate yourself to read your matter aloud. The reason behind this is that the brain picks out grammatical defects easily upon hearing rather than seeing. This can help us get hold of the grammatical loopholes and fill them up.

9.     Proofread backwards:
To know where the essay needs to be reworked on try reading the essay from the last sentence without connecting it to the rest of the essay. This will help you know whether all the sentences and phrases have an individual standing or not.

10.  Edit the content by someone other than you:

Editing your final draft of the persuasive essay is very important before the final submission of the essay. It is better if someone from your peers can read it for you. This gives the chance to view the essay from a fresh perspective.

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