First Time Bungee Jumping Tips

Check your club qualifications
Before you start with any extreme sport, consider the suitability of the operators probably always be. They are linked BERSA?

Don’t try anything fancy
Advanced acrobatics is a part of the spring bounce, but, for the first time want to leave this to the experts. One of the most common spring element is a direct jumps swallow dive, finished with your main point downward and your feet in the air. Discuss the type of jump you want to do with the jump master, because he will be influenced by the type of cable you can train contribute.

Don ‘t look down
Every instinct in your body is not for you to jump out screaming. A good way to control this spring according to some bridging element is to look straight ahead and imagine you dive into a pool.
Watch out for rope on fire

A common but painful minor injury can be caused by fire rope. To avoid this keep some clothes from the rope and your skin – but do not cause any confusion. Again the jump masters should ensure that you are made as comfortable as possible for your bungee jump.

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