Water Skiing Tips for first timers . . .

 Here are some water skiing tips for first-timers. Water skiing is a popular warm-weather sport. The water, speed and friends can equal loads of good times but it can also be a precursor for disaster. If you are a first-time water skier then take not of these tips. Most will seem like common sense but you would be shocked to hear how many first-timers forgo them.

 1.  Wear your life vest: You may be a great swimmer but wiping out on water skis isn’t like “swimming.” Regardless of speed wiping out on water skis can be a shocking experience. What is more the impact could leave you confused or dazed. The life vest will keep you afloat and easy to spot based on its color. The vest is built to protect the wearer too from impact. Never water ski without a life vest, even when you become proficient it is one piece of gear that you should wear. The life vest is one piece of gear you should never be without.

 2.  Wear water goggles/glasses: Until you are comfortable with water skiing and for some even when you are goggles is a great piece of gear to have on. Not only will they protect your eyes from debris and water they will act as protection against the sun’s UV rays. A sturdy pair of goggles that strap around the head is idea. This way you needn’t worry about them and the protection they provide will last as long as you are out on the water. Don't forget to buy a full face snorkel mask when you head out to water for skiing.

 3.  Sunscreen: Most first time water skiers may not give this a thought. Being out on the water under the hot sun is doubling the opportunity for a wicked sun burn. For the seasoned rider this is second nature. A good spf factor and waterproof is a must. Full body coverage is advised and reapplication if you spend allot of time in the water. Apply as soon as you decide that you want to hit the water.

 4.  Use a spotter: When you are a first time water skier you should start your journey in shallow water and behind a boat. Have someone there with you to help keep you steady and guide you as you first take off. This person is a spotter. Someone that know how to water ski and can provide last minute pointed. Most importantly, the spotter will help you get up and started.  

5.  Keep it slow: When you are first starting out you don’t want to be pulled by a balls to the wall driver. You want to start out with a slow and steady pace. You have to be moving of course to be skiing but you also want the speed to be comfortable and easily managed as you are learning to balance and ride the wake.

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