How to baby sit for the first time???

Babies are a blessing that husband and wife can have. But baby sitting is an art which requires lot of patience and tactfulness to deal with the kids.
Since each kid is unique and beautiful by itself, there can be no single way to deal with them. Of course they can show you star in day time when not properly dealt with them. But at the same time they are so precious to secure their innocence and purity. 

With some amount of survey done, this article is trying to make an attempt to guide baby sitter by classifying them into different age groups.

Above 6 months and below 10 months:

* These kids are very tender and sensitive. Their demands are very less but same things need to be repeated time and again.
* These kids mainly need 3 things such as food, sleep and constant cleaning.

* Wide range of baby foods is available in the market which can be fed, as prescribed by the pediatrician.But it’s a challenge to feed them properly which is again very subjective.
* Once the baby is fed properly, it won't take much of an effort to make them catch the sleep.
* Try to be a very close observant of the kids around.
* The kids falling under this age group have less mobility but they are in the verge of crawling, walking and talking.
* They would be very quick and very curious to learn.
* Have a constant check on their diapers because once they are wet they will make you sweat.  So constant monitoring of the diapers is a must.

Above 10 months and below 2 years:

* After 10th month, the time gets a little cranky for both the babies and the baby sitters to handle them.
* This is the time when babies start getting their tooth which are painful for them and hence they are more vulnerable to crying.
* This is the time when they learn to keep their small steps as well.
* Make sure to keep their hands clean because when they are left on the floor they try to taste everything that are handy to them, you name
it and they want to taste it.
* Make sure that the baby is away from any kind of insects. Within a flash when ignored, you can see it in their mouth. That is dangerous.
* They are learning to walk so they will make you run behind them. Try to be very watchful with these kids. Never leave them out of your sight.

Above 2 years and below 3 years:

* This is the time when the kids are ready for the pre-nursery.
* Make sure to give proper inputs to the kids as they are very quick learners. Be it good or bad, they process the inputs very quickly.
* Be Prepared with good stories to tell them as they can understand at this stage and remember them for long.
* Teach them the pleasant and good things which are indoor and harmless.
* Never leave their hands when you take them out for a while then You may have to chase them outside which is dangerous to both and the baby especially.
* Try to make friendly approach with the kids. Do not raise your voice and don't try the hard way initially because everything is constantly processed by them.

Above 3 years and below 8 years:

* They are very tough to handle. Sometimes they test your patience level. Its Time for you to prove your patience. Remain patient!
* They get inputs from many sources from outside the house.Keep a note on their activities as they might by mimicking someone they would have observed.
* Some of the babies can be very adamant and rigid forcing you to compromise.Make sure the demands are genuine and realistic to fulfill.
* They try to fool you by crying but be smart to understand what is real and what is fake.With the above said things, this article hopes that the baby sitters who are doing it for the first time have got some insight about how to approach the kids falling in different age groups.

Remember patience is the key :)

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