Dieting for the first time !

1.How many of you feel that you are overweight and want to reduce the extra pounds?
2.How many of you really working out to achieve it?
3.How many of you are lazy and you want to lose weight just by reducing the food intake aka DIETING?

Well, if your answer is yes to the 3rd question, this post is for you J
As a first timer, you may want to know about this in detail. So, here we go…

What is dieting?
Dieting can be defined as an eating routine where we reduce the intake of high calorie foods and replace them with the low calorie, low fat meals.

The main motto of dieting is to reduce the weight of the person without disturbing the health.

For whom?
People who are above their usual weight or whose BMI(Body Mass index) is greater than normal and who cannot work out.
Before going into the process, do take your physician’s advice.

Calorie is the measure of energy. Generally, a person needs 3,500 calories per day(to be sure of the calories you need, calculate your BMR)
Note: You need to calculate your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate which means the basic energy the body uses when it is at rest) It clearly means, you cannot have food that gives less than this energy. It should always be higher than this.

Start off:There is no better time to start a good thing than now!So, start with a plan. Note down what is your goal, the duration of time, what food you like and dislike.
  1. At first, start removing all the foods that have high fat/sugar content. This includes all the milk products(you can have skimmed milk),sweets,red meat,rice etc.
  2.  Go for FRESH!! Incorporate more of fresh foods like fresh vegetables, fresh fruit etc. Go out in the fresh air for a small walk.
  3. Thumb Rule: Anything red and pure white is a sign of high calorie. People love burgers/rice/pizza etc. but when you are in diet make sure you eating brown bread/whole breads/brown rice etc.
  4.  Don’t sit at a place, but make sure you are not resting at a same place for more than 1 hour.
  5. Eat 5-6 times.
  6. Drink loads of water, but not right before/after your meal.
  7. Avoid all the soft drinks. Drink Water and fresh fruit juices whenever you feel the urge to have some soft drink.

 Here we have mentioned few foods which you can have per meal.
  1. Start your day with a heavy breakfast! It can contain egg whites, oatmeal/celeries, skimmed milk/a glass of any fresh fruit juice.
  2. For lunch, you can have a medium calorie food. You can have boiled chicken/boiled fish,boiled and lightly fried(not roasted) vegetables, boiled leguminous seeds(ex:beans),brown rice/whole grain bread.
  3. For snacks, have green tea,2-3 biscuits, 7-8 dry fruits(ex: almonds, cashew, apricots etc)
  4.  For dinner, have anything as light as possible. Like boiled fish, a cup of rice, pasta, soup, a fruit etc.

  1.  Daily morning as soon as you wake up., drink a glass of water  along with lemon juice and honey It doesn’t make you thin. But this never makes you fat! Lemon juice does the trick here.
  2.  Make sure you have the meals at proper time.
  3.  Whenever you are hungry, pop some dry fruits.
  4.  Almonds serves best when you soak them in water for a couple of hours before you eat.
  5.  Green tea is the best when you compare with coffee or any other tea.
  6.  Apart from this, you can achieve quick results when you indulge yourself in some physical activity like  dance,swimming etc.
  7.   Be positive.
  8.   DON’T overdo the dieting until unless you have physician’s advice.

We hope these tips help you in starting your new diet plan. Wish you all the good luck and happy dieting.

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