Inferiority complex is something which can't be seen by others as an open cut or wound. But its a feeling which a person thinks of oneself comparing him/her with others. The more a person allows this feeling to grow, the more complicated the life becomes personally.

Inferiority complex can be because of various reasons. To name a few:

1. A person may feel inferior thinking he/she is not as tall as his/her friend.
2. A person may feel inferior thinking he/she has pimples/blemishes on the skin.
3. A person may feel inferior thinking he/she doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
4. A person may feel inferior thinking he/she is not as fair in complexion, good    looking,intelligent,rich as compared to others.

This feeling being inferior can be extended to any level to any person. The above mentioned reasons are just to mention a few. If observed carefully, the sole root cause for developing the inferiority complex is COMPARISION WITH OTHERS.

Comparing with others to some extent is always good when taken in the right spirit. By comparing with others itself one can improve himself/herself in all regards. But one should know when to draw the line in comaparing.

Here are few suggestions to overcome the inferiority complex:

1. Realize the fact that every single person in this world is unique and
    special by himself/herself.
2. The nature is kind enough to give some special qualities in every individual.
3. At the same time, nature is not that cruel enough to give all the bad qualities in a single individual which you think it could be YOU.
4. Just realize what is good in you which makes you feel confident and stick to that confident emotion.
5. Always understand, making others feel bad by being proud of what is good in you is not the solution for you to overcome your inferiority complex.
6. Sometimes by taking things lightly or being simple itself can be a simple solution to this complicated emotion of feeling inferior.

Having mentioned the above points, this article hopes that it is beneficial to the person who is currently going through this complex feeling. We understand that it is not that easy to overcome this feeling as this feeling is not developed in one day. There could be various factors in getting into this emotional state. This article only hopes that the person overcomes all the factors influencing the emotional state of being inferior and become normal and confident to face this unpredictable world !

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