Chinos Fashion Tips for Men

Chinos aren't just for the office anymore. There is an easy way to turn Chinos into a dynamic component of your wardrobe. Just you need to know what to wear and how to wear. . Here are some great tips for all you guys out there to get the best look with chinos.

Style 1:
Half or Full Sleeve T-shirt, Skinny / Regular Khaki Chino, Cool Sneaker/ Loafer shoes.
Here is the main tip for successfully wearing these Khaki Chinos. Forget everything you know about chinos and embrace personalization. Go crazy! Wear them with a graphic/regular single color tee! Dare to be different; there are no rules as to what you can wear with your Khaki chinos. Express yourself and your personality, and most of all, have fun.

Style 2:
Deep color Skinny / Regular Chino, Light single color/Small Striped T-shirt, Jeans Jacket/ Blazer, a pair of cool casual shoes
You can rock with this look. The cotton is more pliant than denim, so these pants are softer on your skin and easier to break in. If you throw on a jean/leather jacket, though, you have totally changed the equation: Not only do you look put together, but you also have an edgy, stylish feel.

Style 3:
Light Color Regular Chino, A light/Deep color inner Tee, Striped Shirt, A pair of Loafer shoes and a cool hat.
Here is the complete cool dude look. I think its just self explanatory. Try it out.

So what you are waiting for!!!! Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe with Chinos and get a cool and colorful look this summer.

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  1. i have navy chinos what i should wear for the tops

  2. Hi Nicky . You can try with White skinny shirt with a Deep blue blazer if your chino is skinny one. Otherwise you can go with the casual look with a light color Half sleeve inner tee and put on a striped shirt on it . Make sure to keep shirt unbuttoned.

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  4. Wow great tips for men who doesn't know to mix and match! Your posts are helpful.

  5. For The First TimerMarch 22, 2013 at 9:05 AM

    Thanks a lot :)

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