How to Select the Perfect Dress for your Body Type - Tips for Women

Some people think that fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea, while others don’t like to get discriminated. Unfazed by the fact, every person has a flaw in his/her body type and they want to get rectified but majority of the times you can get over it by wearing right kind of outfits. Remember flipping through fashion magazines can inspire you, but ultimately you need to select a dress that complements your body type. If you are planning to go out to a party or a club, ensure that you understand the body shape and how to style a dress.

A word of caution- whatever dress you choose, fashion works only if you are you.

Petite Body Type
If you have a petite body type, then a well fitted dress can do wonder for you. The primary reason is if you wear an ill fitted dress it would make you look like you have got misplaced in the fabric of the dress. Above all, it will make you look heavy and fleshy. Additionally, a hemline above the knee increases the height and gives a better walk to the dress. The vertical prints elaborate your present height, so it is in your best interest to disdain the horizontal prints.

Rectangular Figure
It is a dress meant for women who is both tall and proportionate. For such women, it is critical to flaunt the curves that add shape to the body. If you are a proud owner of rectangular built body, then wear a dress that narrows down to the waist and accentuate it with belts to achieve the same. This kind of dress will help you to showcase your curves and it will provide a better shape to your body, while it will also highlight your buttocks to a greater extent.

This body type is the most difficult to dress. No doubt, one can easily dress the thin and delicate top parts of the body, but there is a difficulty to cover the petite bottom half. Many people gets baffled when dressing such people. If you boast of triangular body along with long legs, go for a dress that is approx 2-3 inch above the knee, as it will assist you to highlight the legs.Additionally, you can even make yourselves noticeable by wearing halters or sleeveless dress.

Apple Shaped Body
It is a kind of body that have a large bust and shoulders and hips fine tune with each other. If you are a proud owner of apple shaped body type, go for tunic or column dresses; don’t opt for fitted dresses. It is because an A line cut highlights the middle part of the body and straight cuts takes away the attention from the middle part of body and puts legs and shoulders as a highlight.

Hourglass Figure
Very few lucky women are blessed with an hourglass body type.It simply means that the shoulders and hips balance each other and the waist is narrowed down to showcase or flaunt the curves. The best suited dress is a well fitted dress, however remember a fact that bill embellishments and designs make the body look heavy and bulky, so these dresses should be avoided at any cost.

Heavy Arms
If you have a small bust, then don’t fret; instead opt for billowy, or bell sleeves that is ¾ or a full length. It will assist you to hide your flabby arms. Moreover, sleeveless and cap sleeve is not a perfect choice for you.

Small Bust
If you are not blessed with large breasts, avoid wearing deep neckline dresses, rather select a dress with a scoop or bandeau neck and or other embellishments to add a different dimension to your top.
Layered necklaces are a perfect option for you, as it will add volume to your bust.

Plus Size
If you have a plus size body, don’t cover up the body with the baggy clothes. Select the clothes that cling on your body and make you feel adorable.
The best choice can be a wrap dress.
Last but not the least; don’t believe in fashion faux pas. The women should experiment, even if it goes wrong at some point of time. Fashion is a journey and experiments let you to understand what works in your interest and what doesn’t.
Above all, accentuate the dress with a perfect make up like Indian women look amazing with smokey eyes and red lips, possibly with a hint of orange.

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