How to Act Like Front Row Royalty at a Fashion Show !

Everyone knows that half the battle of making it in the fashion world is acting like you already have done. In the run up to this year’s fashion weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan, there’ll be budding fashionistas all over the globe just aching to hit the front row. But how do you act once you get there? Here’s our top tips on that elusive fashion show etiquette – follow these and no one will ever doubt your attendance again.

Don’t get star struck
We know it’s tempting but the worst thing you can do if you spot a real life A-lister amongst the crowd is start screaming about it – whether to the person next to you or to the star themselves. Make sure to act like this kind of stuff happens to you every day. You may feel like you know them but, after all, they’re still a stranger so treat them accordingly. Of course, feel free to plaster your siting all over Twitter when the coast is clear.

Use your phone appropriately
This one can be tricky. Outside of a show, keep your phone handy at all times in order to stay well connected socially: think Twitter updates, hot gossip and that all important networking. However, during the show itself phones should be resolutely put away, out of respect for the designers. After all, if you’ve always got your eyes down and glued to your phone screen, you’ll be more than likely miss something!

Don’t chat your way through the show
Treat the show itself like a trip to the cinema: don’t be the person annoying everyone else in the audience by feeling the need to comment or pass judgement all the way through. Sit quietly and take everything in; those precious few minutes of runway action have taken months of hard work and preparation. To show your support, occasional nods of approval work best with clapping best kept for the very end.

Don’t be on time or worse, early!
The term ‘fashionably late’ exists for a reason; here’s the perfect opportunity to utilise it! Those all-important fashion types are super busy people and if a show says it’s scheduled to start at 2.30pm, it’s more than likely that that actually means 3pm - so coolly stroll in twenty minutes late and you’ll be right on time to make a perfectly aloof yet carefully calculated entrance.

What about wearing the designer?
Before you’ve made that big name for yourself, it might not be quite achievable to wear the designer’s clothes to their show. This isn’t the end of the world so don’t feel pressured - instead, keep your outfit simple, fashionable and if in doubt, stick to black. Of course, once you’re a fully-fledged F-rower, designers will be falling over themselves to get you at their shows and wearing the clothes goes without saying.

About The Author:
Josie is fashion blogger for miinto where you can find style inspiration and clothing.


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