Deciding between the different fittings when purchasing name badges in Melbourne

When purchasing name badges Melbourne sited it is very easy to get sidetracked by the design of the tags. Obviously, the importance of the design is something which cannot be undervalued. Nevertheless, because it is so tempting to focus all attention on the design, it is very easy to forget about the other aspects which need to be considered. 

One factor which requires your contemplation is the fittings of the name badges Melbourne you choose. This is pivotal in terms of practicality. After all, there is nothing more annoying than a badge which keeps falling off or is uncomfortable. There are several different fittings you can choose between and thus you need to assess all of your options. This may seem like a small component but you’d be extremely frustrated if you had ordered several in bulk only to discover that they were unpractical for your employees and their uniform.

When deciding between the fittings you would like your badges to incorporate, the two main choices you have is between pins and magnetic fittings. Many people opt for a pin because it is often the cheapest of the fittings. It is simplistic and very easy to utilize. There are several different types of pins of course. There are pins which come in two pieces – similar to how an earring works. You have the sharp pin edge and then the catch which secures the fitting and protects the edge. Nevertheless, these are quite uncommon for name badges. Instead, the other pins are the safety pins which you work as one complete piece. You simply press the pin down to release it from the latch and vice versa. This is easy to use, cost effective and they will only break if people bend the metal by using too much force. Nevertheless, this is a fitting which is easily replaceable. The main disadvantage associated with a pin is that it can sometimes be very easy for an individual to prick themselves. 

Aside from a pin you have the option of going for a magnetic badge fitting. These have recently started to grow in popularity and are becoming more common. They are usually a little bit more expensive than pins but many believe they look better and offer a more quality filled method of securing the badge to the individual’s clothing. In addition to this, another advantage this type of fitting has over pins is their ease of use. You don’t have to worry about pricking yourself with any sharp edge if you use a magnetic badge. And, you won’t have any little holes created within your employee’s clothes whereby the pin has gone through.
Magnetic badges and pins are the two main fitting choices when deciding on name badges Melbourne placed. Both have their advantages and thus are assured to be of benefit. The main selling point of the pins is that they tend to be more affordable. Nevertheless, many would argue that you pay for what you get, and thus magnetic badges are an attractive option.
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