Hitting The Trail In Austria's Zillertal

Skiing is a popular holiday sport and one that can be enjoyed by beginners and the practiced alike. There are many top ski locations across the world from which to choose. Of these, one of the most renowned is the Zillertal of Austria's Tyrol region.

The Lure Of The Slopes
Skiing is a pastime that captures people's hearts, becoming a lifelong passion that keeps them returning to the pistes time after time. From the snow to the excitement of the challenge, a ski holiday promises many things that cannot be found in any other single vacation. It offers enthusiasts a chance to learn new skills and to improve with each ski run, ultimately meaning that, rather than becoming dull, each time you take to the slopes the experience and the holiday only becomes more exhilarating. As such, it is not difficult to see why many people rate a winter sports break above all others and that the snowy mountainsides of Europe and North America are consistently amongst the most visited destinations in the world.

An Educational Ski Tour
As with most things in life, when it comes to skiing everyone has to start somewhere and this is largely part of the fun. A sport in which the basics are easy to pick up and that is based on personal bests rather than on pressure to perform, it is equally suited for the mild mannered and for thrill seekers. Most ski areas are set up to cater to every level of skill and beginners on the slopes will find themselves with the option of taking lessons and more. It is even possible to book your holiday based around your desire to learn, with educational ski tours found everywhere from France to the Ziller Valey.

Discovering The Zillertal
Austria can be counted amongst the top skiing destinations in the world and as such is a great place to learn to ski. The mountainous nation is located largely in the Alps, a range famed worldwide for its snow and ski facilities and offers enthusiasts the choice of dozens of top resorts. The Zillertal, or Ziller Valley, is one of the country's most prestigious ski areas.

The country's biggest valley, found close to Innsbruck in the Tyrol region, it offers over 600 kilometres of pistes, 12 ski areas and guaranteed snow, giving it a top reputation and wide-ranging appeal. Perhaps one of its strongest advantages is its range of slopes that provide for every skill set. From gentle gradients to ease beginners in to the steep slopes of Hochfugen, every visitor will be able to discover a pace and a slope to suit them.

If you are after a holiday offering you something new, whether it is the scenery or the skills you pick up on the journey, little can beat a ski holiday. Beginner or pro, the ski pistes promise every enthusiast an exciting, activity packed experience. One ski area not to pass up on is Austria's Zillertal. Both extensive and catering to every skill level, it is an ideal location to take to the slopes.
About The Author:
Julia Barnes is a regular contributor to a number of travel blogs and websites. She puts particular focus on the educational trip market, most recently investigating all on offer in the Ziller Valley.

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