Understanding the 4 C’s of Diamond Jewelry

If you’re described as a diamond of the first water, isn’t that one of the most wonderful compliments that you’ve ever received? Being compared to a diamond - the most precious gem in the world - is certainly nothing to scoff at.

And talking about diamonds, do you know how to recognize which diamonds are more beautiful than others? If you plan to shop for diamond jewelry but you don’t know what to look for, this is the article for you. If you feel so intimidated at the snobbish looks of the saleslady behind the counter that you want to make sure you won’t sound stupid when you start pointing your finger to one of the diamond jewelry in display, this article was made for you.

When it comes to diamond jewelry, the 4 C’s are of utmost importance and yes indeed those are what we shall discuss in this article.

Let’s start with CUT. The cut of your diamond jewelry includes its faceting style and make. The make is concerned with the proportion, symmetry and finish of your diamond jewelry. The cut of your diamond jewelry is of course concerned with its shape as well.
To make things simple, the brilliance or mesmerizing power of your diamond jewelry is largely dependent on its cut.

The next C we shall talk about now is the COLOR. If you’re out to buy diamond jewelry for yourself, be aware that the colorless diamonds are the priciest so if you’re on a budget, stay away from colorless diamonds and stick to the near-colorless ones.

But please do not worry if your diamond jewelry looking downright pitiful because it’s judged as tinted light yellow (the lowest score) by the Gemological Institute of America because you can always use a gold band to make the diamond look whiter.

The third C we shall discuss would be the CLARITY of your diamond jewelry. When it comes to clarity, we’re concerned about how flawed your diamond jewelry is. There are two types of flaws: inclusions which are internal and blemishes which are external. But the good thing (or bad, depending on how you look at it) about clarity is that people are seldom able to notice the difference between diamond jewelry that’s graded as flawless (the highest score in the GIA scale) from slightly included (the lowest).

And the last C would be CARAT weight. Simply put, how heavy is your diamond jewelry? And the higher the carat weight, the better.

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