Importance of Travel Insurance

Four Worst Case Scenarios of Not Having Travel Insurance

Buying insurance is all about planning for the worst case scenario.  But the last thing you want to do is plan for the worst case scenario when you are planning a trip to relax and unwind.  While thinking about all of the potential things that could happen is not ideal, it is necessary.  This is why travel agents and insurance companies stress the importance of buying travel insurance.  Travel insurance is designed to help you cover with unexpected expenses that you accrue when you are traveling overseas or domestically. 

From medical care and lost baggage, traveling can get expensive when things go wrong.  But many travelers do not realize the costs of not buying travel insurance until it is too late.  Read on and find out just what can happen without travel insurance before you board the plane and you have to experience it yourself.

1. Getting Stuck in a New Country Without Any of Your Belongings

When you check your baggage, one of your biggest fears is arriving to your destination just to learn that your baggage did not make it on the long journey.  But you have no option but to check your baggage and take the risk if you have more than just a carry-on.  And when you take this risk without buying insurance, you are left dealing with the airline officials and the situation entirely on your own.  You must wait for your baggage to be located, buy some new clothes to hold you over, and hope that you have enough money left to enjoy yourself.  With insurance, the claims agent will handle locating your bags.  They will also pay a claims benefit for you to replace your belongings so that you have a fresh change of clothes. 

2. The Added Expense for Lodging When Your Flight is Cancelled

You cannot control the weather and you cannot control the airlines.  Sometimes, flights get cancelled.  When this happens, you may need to spend an extra night on vacation.  You have to book accommodations to sleep comfortably and you may even need to pay more for a next day flight if there are no coach seats available.  When you carry travel insurance, trip cancellation and trip delay is covered.

3. Trying Recover With No One By your Side

If you suffer injuries or you fall ill during your lone vacation, there is nothing worse than being in a foreign land with no one by your side.  While there are no scientific studies that prove it, people tend to heal quicker when they are surrounded by people they love.  But the only way to be reunited with your family when you are in no condition to travel home is to buy an airline ticket and pay for lodging for someone to come to you.  This might not be practical, especially when you are not currently working.  Travel insurance will pay for a family member to come to you when you are hospitalized. 

4. Leaving Your Valuables Behind in the Taxi

Traveling can be exhausting.  After being a tourist all day and navigating through busy walkways, all you want to do is go to your room and lay down.  Exhaustion may cause you to forget your expensive camera or even your purse in the back of your taxi cab.  While you can try to track down the driver and find your goods, there is a good chance you are going to have to chalk it up as a loss.  With travel insurance, you will have coverage for your lost belongings so they can be replaced.

Understand how much worst case scenarios could cost you and pass the risk on to an insurance company.  By purchasing insurance, you can prepare for the unexpected and hope you never need to call to file a claim.
About the author:
This piece was contributed by Paul Nickerson, a freelancer based in the greater metro area of Lincoln, Nebraska; he frequently writes on travel, entertainment and technology issues. This particular piece was penned for Kanetix; in addition to travel insurance be sure to view the Kanetix car insurance comparison service as well as the Kanetix mortgage comparison service.

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