Must See Celebrity Holiday Spots in The World

Some of the activities people like to do most when they travel is shopping, dining, seeing local sights and looking for celebrities. Everyone likes to see someone they consider famous. There are typical places a traveler would expect to see a celebrity, such as in the entertainment meccas of Los Angeles and New York. The only problem is celebrities realize fans go there looking for them, which means they usually take precautions and limit their public access. The good news is that celebrities also like to travel. There are certain spots around the world where the chances of seeing a celebrity are better than average.

Hawaii, United States
Honolulu, Hawaii

Celebrities are like most people and find the beautiful ocean, landscapes as well as the weather of the Hawaiian Islands almost irresistible. It’s important to remember there are eight islands that cover more than 6,000 square miles. Finding a well-known celebrity may take some effort. If you ask a local they’ll tell you to stay at the island of Kauai. This are well-known for celebrity parties, beach going and more.

Tokyo, Japan

This is the city where celebrities come to tell the world about their latest screen adventure. Since the population of this city is fast approaching nine million, it’s important for a person to know where to go for a glimpse of a celebrity. If the celebrity has children they may be seen at the Tokyo Disneyland Park. If money is not an issue, stay at the Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton, celebrities often do the same.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Celebrities who visit here love the beach at Mt. Pleasant as well as the shops in downtown Charleston. There is a section of King Street that is approximately 16 blocks, and contains a wide variety of high end designer shops. If a celebrity is not spotted there, then an assortment of posh restaurants could be serving them a meal.

Punta de Mita
Punta de Mita, Mexico

This is a small Mexican resort town that provides exactly what celebrities want, vacation anonymity. This town sits on over 1,400 miles of beautiful beach and Puerto Vallarta is only 10 miles to the south. Celebrity sightings are common in this place of sun, surfing and reasonably small crowds. 

Toronto, Canada

Among well-known celebrities Toronto is considered an important place to visit. This city also has its fair share of movies being filmed there, as well as many television shows. The annual Toronto International Film Festival attracts celebrities from around the world. Many are known to stay at the Winsor Arms Hotel, and it’s not uncommon to see an “A” list actor or actress walking down the city’s Bloor Street. Many celebrities have been known to attend the film festival here then fly to London for a performance at the Savoy Theatre.

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