Tips for Men to Maximize Fertility

For men, conceiving a baby with the loved one can be a stressful thing. It could last weeks and months and not yield any fruit. One has to understand that for babies to be conceived the man has to follow a set of rules to improve his health and increase the chances of fertility. This means that he will have to make a lifestyle change and and adapt his behavior to increase the number and potency of his little swimmers. There are several medical recommendations for ways to do this and when followed successfully, conception should not be an issue.
Changing Lifestyle And Clothing If Needed
The first and foremost tip for men to increase their fertility is to start living more health-consciously. This means exercise. Get the blood moving to stimulate the head and organs. This improves the circulation and respiratory systems to help one last longer and be able to finish in bed. Men also need to change their diet to ensure that they are getting the right amount of nutrients that help fertility while avoiding the junk foods that debilitate fertility. Foods rich in zinc, and folic acids should be incorporated while foods rich in saturated fats and starches are poor for men’s system. Leafy greens and healthy proteins are perfect additions to a healthy diet.
Supplements should also be considered taken daily to enhance one’s diet of all the extra stuff that could help. Healthier living also means cutting back on cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, as all of these are not only bad for the health but also for the production of sperm. Taking anabolic steroids also cause testicular shrinkage and should be avoided no matter how great at baseball they make guys. Hopefully these steps will be enough to reduce one’s stress but if not, other steps should be taken as stress can be damaging to a man’s sperm supply.
Another trick to improve fertility that once sounds like an old wives tale, is to get looser boxers. Constricting or warm briefs have been proven to do damage to the testicles and should be replaced by looser, freer, boxers. Under this same premise, men should also avoid hot and steamy exposure to his undercarriage. Environs like saunas and spas, anything that can overheat the scrotum or testicles, are in the same boat with tighty whities, and should be avoided if the man is hoping for higher sperm levels.
Timing Is Important Too
It is also important for men to understand when it is the best time to do the deed with the missus. To catch the time of day when testosterone levels are highest, and thus sperm production, is usually in the morning. Doctors also recommend that sex should be performed frequently to ensure that the sperm does not go stale while waiting in the tanks. This means daily, or every other day. There’s a point of diminishing returns, though, if a man ejaculates too frequently the sperm count in general will start to lower and thus be effective.
Men who are considering impregnating his loved one, then his sperm levels should first be tested at a sperm analysis lab. For him to conceive properly there should be about 40 million sperm in his ejaculate. If a man practices these tricks to improve his health and potency then there should be a baby right around the corner!
About the author:
This is a guest post by Claire Wilson, an aspiring freelance writer from the UK. Claire regularly covers health, lifestyle and self-improvement. Claire is currently writing for California Cryobank, a great place to look for Sperm Bank Donors.

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