How Fast-Paced Cartoons making your Kids' Minds go realistic

A lot of the time when parents see their children watching fast paced cartoons they are taken a bit by surprise. They see the quick action and they think it must be driving their child’s mind wild. Well, it is, but the truth is that it does so in a good way. In fact, fast paced cartoons, such as Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, actually help a child’s mind to develop quicker and they allow them to attain a taste for the more realistic attributes of life.

A clear distinction between fantasy and reality
A lot of people have come to the conclusion that because cartoon programmes largely deal with the fantasy they blur the lines between what is realistic and what is not. However, this can be flipped on its head. Logically, you can actually say that these fast paced cartoons help to draw the distinction between fiction and fact. This is because the stories can be so farfetched and therefore children can easily make the different between the two. This helps a child’s mind to become more realistic. Whilst they may revel in the different imaginative cartoons on offer, they also acknowledge what is real and what is not.

Quick thinking
One of the best things about these fast paced and action packed cartoons, such as Batman, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Star Wars, and alike, is the fact that their quick tempo breeds a faster method of thinking. Children need to be clicked on in order to soak in everything that is happening. In order to keep up with everything the viewer needs to be a quick and effective thinker. The more shows your child watches like this, the better their fast thinking will become. This is obviously very important as it is a skill that can be used in the future, such as during exams.

Concentration levels solidified
One key attribute of realistic thinking is the ability to concentrate properly. If you do not concentrate then you are never fully aware of what is happening and thus you cannot come up with a solid solution to anything that is happening either. However, for children to keep up with the fast paced shows they are watching they need to fully concentrate. If they take their eyes off the television then they could easily miss a key piece of the puzzle. Therefore, through watching jam packed action cartoons children solidify and develop their concentration capacity.

The ability to find a solid solution
Most cartoons start whereby there is a problem or an issue and therefore the show revolves around a solution being found. This is a structure that can be followed through many different capacities and forms. It is an important attribute because it helps realistic thinking by individuals using their mind in order to come up with a solid solution. Children will have to think carefully and critically if they are going to find a solution that is successfully and especially if they are going to come to the conclusion before it is revealed on the television.

If you want your child to develop a more realistic and tuned in mind from a young age then you should use cartoons to your advantage. Whilst they are great for providing entertainment, they also have the benefits of developing your child’s thinking from a young age and this can only be positive.

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