Trying to fight a hangover for the first time?

Here is the Situation. First time you are over drunk in a party, you get high and feel on top of the world that time. But next morning, you open your eyes on bed and find yourself with red eyes, hammering headache, a rolling stomach and a regrettable state of being. You condition is simply unbearable. To add to this, you are having the vomiting symptoms.

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Welcome to your First Hangover ! 
It’s nothing much to be worried about. Time is the best cure for a hangover but the below tips can very much help you to get rid of this nasty condition a little sooner.

Water, water and Water...
Alcohol depletes water from the body. It results in dehydration. So, it’s very much advisable to take a lot of water or juice to re-hydrate your body.

Take a warm bath
Take a warm water bath. Warm shower will help to reduce your headache and Body pain.

Take food which contains Fructose.
Fructose containing foods that helps you to burn the alcohol faster. Also consuming below items would definitely make you feel better. Egg contains amino acid cysteine, which really helps to reduce the hangover.
Egg Muffins
Mac and Cheese
Scrambled Eggs
Ginger Ale

If it was a really late night party, then your body must have been looking for some sleep. A proper sleep can take away much of the hangover. Try to sleep.

Say no to Smoke this time
Researchers say that your hangover can be worse if you smoke as well. It will create irritations in stomach, so, it’s good to avoid smoking at this time.

Some fresh air
Fresh air can really help you sober up. If it’s a safe option try talking a walk outside. Making your body work or letting it sweat out through walking or exercising can help release out all of the toxins that are in your body causing the dreadful hangover.

Hangover Supplement
Last one in the list is the hangover supplement. You can find many options on Amazon, as well as at your nearest pharmacy. You can use them as directed by a healthcare professional.

Hope you find the information useful to get rid of a bad hangover.

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  1. i still remember my first hangover . it was just hell for me . It took one full day to get rid of it. I strongly feel the points , you mentioned are very much accurate. Good job.

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