Yoga- Teach your child healthy living

Yoga can be and should be taught to kids. A lot of schools do conduct yoga classes to imbibe focus into that wandering mind children have. The earlier they develop concentration powers the better. Yes, kids are meant to have fun and raise hell. But teaching a bit of yoga as a routine won’t make them dull at all. It would be for their mental and physical health.
Just like any other form of exercise, yoga can also be moulded to specific age groups. There are simple postures that the kids can easily learn and benefit from. The only challenge would be to keep their attention for a longer span. It could take a lot of work to motivate kids into doing yoga.

You can actually start yoga for a child as young as 2-3 weeks old. Baby massages will help improve digestion. The intent of teaching yoga to young children is not to make them perfect in performing an asana, but to impart the basic techniques involved, the importance of yoga realised at a young age will make them adopt it in their life in the future.
Yoga has proven to be very beneficial for kids. It can cure your child of various health conditions with regular lessons. Children as young as 5 or 6 years of age constantly complain of headaches. Yoga can be the solution to such problems. Obesity has become a health issue even among kids. In fact, ready-to-eat food and fast foods can prove to be harmful in more than one way. Regular yoga will tackle this problem as well, keeping their weight in check. If your child is suffering from night-time fears or insomnia, go for yoga on a daily basis.
Though yoga is a part of curriculum in a lot of schools, it would be infinitely better to practice it as a family. This is bound to improve your relationship with your baby, at the same time making the both of you healthy.
If you are a single mom and work for long hours to provide better for your kids then opt for a trained yoga teacher to keep your child healthy. Put aside any worries that you have about the expenditure it would create- fee for the trainer or his travel expenses, a nanny to keep a watch while you are out; it can all be managed. The Government provides child tax credits under which you can receive benefits on your tax. Ensuring the health of your children would be the best way to utilise this amount.

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