5 Things Everyone Needs to Try in College For the First Time

There are certain college activities that are portrayed in every movie. These are the events that make college fascinating, fun, and worth the stressful classes (well, these events and the degree)! Here are a few of the college activities you shouldn't miss during your time in school.

Group Volunteering Activities

Nothing is more fulfilling than volunteering in activities that you'll remember forever, except of course, doing it with a few hundred peers from your college class. Volunteering in groups involves free tees, summer sun, and sometimes new friends.

When you give your time to those less fortunate in college you might even get college credit. However, the real reason you should do it is because it will add something noteworthy to your memories of boozing and parties.

Student Council, Newspaper, or Something

Extracurricular activities often mean free weekend excursions, resume bullets, and new friends. If you participate in a club or group that is relevant to your future profession you could end up with great networking connections, experience in your field, and even internships.

The hidden bonus to consider is that those who work on campus (even as volunteer journalists) often have offices or desks where they can stash books or lunch. In college that's as good as gold.

Cram Sessions With Friends (AKA "All Nighters")

While all-nighters can be stressful and exhausting, they're also a great source of memories and fun. Go ahead and order that extra-greasy pizza with ranch on the side, blast your funky dubstep mixes, and figure out what your philosophy 101 professor is jabbering about every Tuesday and Thursday. Cram sessions are a pillar of good college lifestyle.

Dating a Pierre in Paris, or a Russian Solomia

Study abroad programs aren't just about dating hot foreigners (but that doesn't hurt). Choose a program that suits your interests and language studies, and you'll always remember those sultry months on the Black Sea. Studying abroad prepares students for international travel, business, and networking. It's also a great way to expand your wardrobe (because everyone hates seeing 80 other coeds in the same H&M skirt in one day).

Don't just date during your study abroad program, though. Remember to visit museums, make friends with locals, try new foods, and even visit historical landmarks. Never waste a weekend sleeping in when you could be browsing the Louvre.

Guest Lectures: The Meat & Potatoes of Your Education

Colleges often bring in some of the most brilliant minds in the world to speak to their students. However, students rarely take advantage of these incredible opportunities (leaving the lector a room full of snooty profs). While you are in college you should take note of which speakers interest you, and actually attend! Never again in life will you have such incredible opportunities for free.

Milk your college career for all it's worth. If you haven't yet considered your college options, visit getarealdegree.com to learn more about obtaining a quality degree. Do everything you can while you still can, because soon you'll be married with 2.5 kids (and too bone-tired to go out at night). These classic college adventures are things your children will ask you about, and you'll live on for years to come. 

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