Best Options for Making a Fashion Statement : Tips for Women

Fashion Statements Are For Everyone!

While celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Madonna are known to be trendsetters in the fashion world, does one really need to be famous to make a fashion statement? The good news is that the answer is no. A fashion statement is nothing but an original and ingenious idea which is bold enough to stand out but also attractive enough for other people to admire and even try out for themselves. A fashion statement is a sign of confidence which attracts attention towards you.

Not everyone is confident enough to go out into the world knowing that all eyes are falling on them, but isn’t it nice to know that when you enter a party, every head turns to steal a glance at you? Every era has had such people. Even in the 1950s, a handful of women took the bold step to wear pencil skirts and as we know, the entire world followed, even though they were entirely different from what was considered fashionable at that time.

You Are The Primary Accessory!

Fashion statements are not necessarily about looking glamorous. They can mean something as simple and as different as representing liberation, like women who started wearing pants. A bold fashion statement can be a sign of your personality. For example, many disapprove of the wild fashion statements made by singer Lady Gaga, but none can deny that those very fashion statements are now her signature style and trademark persona.

Stay True To Yourself!

As you can see, the reasons to make a fashion statement can vary. However, one thing which remains constant not only through the ages but also for every single one of us, is that one’s fashion should remain true to one’s nature. No matter how glamorous, fashionable or expensive your clothes and accessories are, if you cannot carry them off, they become quite useless. In fact, they may even harm your image and turn you into a laughing stock. 

Dress for The Occasion!

Following one’s heart does not mean that one can completely ignore the venue. Like they say, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. The people around you tend to evaluate and sometimes even judge you for your fashion choices. While it would be stupid to try and make yourself uncomfortable simply to please others, there is always a midway which can balance your comfort and other’s expectations. For instance, a cocktail dress will make heads turn in a ballroom, but you can hardly parade into a board meeting or an interview, wearing the same thing.

Diamonds Go With Everything!

If your accessories include diamonds, then you are truly lucky. Diamond rings for women are like the colour black for clothes. They will never go out of fashion and they will always be suitable for any occasion. If you have a matching pair of earrings and a bracelet to go with it, nothing can stop you becoming the centre of attraction in any room. You can also explore some of the amazing jewelry options from the Designer Charlotte Chesnais Jewellery .

Diamond rings for women are not only the most popular accessory but are also the most cherished gifts. While a woman can wear her diamonds to make a sparkling fashion statement, she can also display the eternal love shared between her and her loved one.

Besides rings, earrings and bracelets, one can even wear a necklace for a formal party or an evening get-together. However, make sure you select the right piece. Each woman has her own taste in jewellery and what looks good on one may not suit another. The best advice one can give you is to go with your instincts.
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Gloria is a jewelry designer with extensive experience in designer diamond jewellery at Bracelets, earrings and rings for women are her specialities. She keeps up with new trends in the fashion world as a hobby and often advices her clients on which piece to select depending upon their taste, requirement, budget and personality.

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