Enjoying the freedom of great self guided bike tours

Many people enjoy the thrill of setting their own agenda on independent holidays. The freedom of the open road means enjoying the experience of travelling rather than just the destination and it doesn't get better than touring on a bike.

Why choose a self guided bike tour?

They do say that travel broadens the mind, but clearly that is more true in some cases than others. Simply arriving off the plane at a typical package holiday resort is not going to result in much mind broadening. That sort of holiday isn't really about travelling at all, but merely arriving. A self guided bike tour is somewhere towards the other end of the spectrum. Here, the journey is not just part of the experience, it is the whole point of what you are doing. A self guided bike tour offers you the chance to travel at your own pace, either dawdling along country lanes or testing out the performance of your bike and visit the sort of places those air passengers completely miss.

What does a self guided bike tour look like?

Any biker is, of course, completely free to simply point his bike at the horizon and take off to wherever the road takes him. There is an obvious joy in such freedom, but a self guided bike tour adds another dimension. Here you can choose from carefully selected routes that offer the best biking experience. You can relax on your ride, knowing that other bikers have selected the most pleasing routes available, allowing you to simply enjoy the experience rather than worrying about where to go next. With your route carefully pre-planned to take into account the optimum riding times between breaks, it is all about you enjoying the ride.

Features of a self guided bike tour

Some tour companies will offer to transport your bike to your tour area if you don't want to ride there, but all will offer a well thought out itinerary. You can waste a lot of time on your tour looking for suitable accommodation, so self guided bike tours can offer pre-selected accommodation according to your budget and preferences. Tours will also include suggestions as to where to stop for lunch and other useful tips. Your self guided bike tour might also offer a selection of side trips, designed to make sure that you see the best of the area you are passing through. Routes can also be selected to allow you to take full advantage of race tyres and other modifications, to really enjoy your bike.

Anytime, anywhere and with anyone

Self guided bike tours are offered all over the world and you are sure to find something to suit. Choose from rugged terrain or slick roads to test out those race tyres. You are also completely free to travel with friends or decide to go it alone and many tours are enjoyable all year round. For complete freedom in leisure travel, nothing really comes close to the experience of a self guided bike tour.
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Jennifer is a keen biker and traveller. She writes often on biking and independent travel topics. Know more about how racing tyres and other upgrades can enhance your biking experience.

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