Simple and Healthy Meal Planner For Busy Parents

Busy parents are often confronted with the task of having to bring together a nutritious meal in a jiffy. A typical scene confronted everyday by a working is that she comes back to home from work at 5:45 pm and the kids are waiting for something that’s nice to eat otherwise the scene is going to turn into mayhem. You can put together a good meal everyday in a short time, if you plan in advance what you need to serve and check out those recipes that are easy-to-make and which are healthy too. Here is a look at how to plan a simple and health meal for your children:

Look Into The Nutritional Factor – When you plan any meal, you need to look at how much of nutrition you gain from the meal. A nutritious meal is one that is healthy and which gives you the right balance of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. Rule out any fatty foods and fast foods. Include more of fresh fruits and vegetables and lot of fiber content so that your children can gain good energy and be healthy. 

Plan Healthy Meals – Children have the habit of liking fried foods and packed foods which don’t give them good health. Avoid such problems by planning healthy meals for everyday of the week. When you buy groceries, leave out foods with preservatives, frozen foods and processed foods. The ingredients you select must be fresh and recipes chosen should be around these foods so that you get maximum health benefits.
Healthy foods include fruits, vegetable, dairy foods, seafood, nuts, green etc. In order to get the best health benefits from the freshest of ingredients, make a list of healthy foods and their nutritional value. You can find out from this list nutrition levels such as fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, etc that you can gain from a single piece food item. For example, One cup of cooked Broccoli has offers 44 calories. It is loaded with sulphoraphane, 72 mg of calcium, 78 mcg of folic acid and Vitamin C. One cup of papaya offers 55 calories and it is loaded with vitamin C, offer 2.5 g fiber and a small level of essential beta-carotene and calcium. One cup of soy milk offers 81 calories, 4 g fat and has 20 mg to 25 mg of health-promoting isoflavones.
Look at this list to pick out a list of ingredients that you prefer to use in your meals. Check out how nutritious they are. Then add to this list, a set of new ingredients that offer better nutrition and cut out those that are unhealthy. Now you have a proper list of ingredients using which you can make delicious meals by checking out cookbooks that offer healthy meals. .

Plan Quick - There are lots of cookbooks that offer recipes for healthy diet, low-carb diet, low-fat diet, healthy cooking for kids and so on. Go through a couple of good recipe books and pick out recipes that match with the list of healthy ingredients that you have just made. Write down those recipes and make a quick plan on which recipes you want to use for each day of the week. Include only those recipes that enable you to make foods in 10 to 20 minutes. If you want to include recipes that take a longer time, check if their ingredients can be prepared on weekends so that you just have to put things together to serve a meal during the week day.
If you have leftovers for one day, put them into salads the next day. Such small improvisations can go a long way in helping you prepare a nutritious meal quickly for your children. When you buy ingredients at the grocery store, look for seasonal foods that are fresh, so that you can bring their nutrition into your home Always buy ingredients for a complete meal which include entrée, veggies, whole grain meal, and fruits so on. Do not duplicate items and device a meal plan for everyday of the week using the recipes book and their list of nutritious seasonal ingredients.

Recipes and Meal Ideas – When it comes to getting together recipes, you might get a bit confused. Get inputs from your kids so that you include what they like in your meal planning. This enables you to bring together items with nutritious ingredients so that you serve what’s appetizing along with what is healthy prepared in a short while for your family. You can put together snack items that your children like with salads, sandwiches with healthy fillings, omelets, etc. Here is a look at the name of some recipes that are children friendly:
·         Chicken Tortilla Soup

·         Parmesan Fish Sticks

·         Spiced Oven-Fried Potatoes

·         Baked till Crunchy Chicken Tenders

·         Fruit salads that are easy-to-make with lots of cream

·         Oven-fried children dressed in olive oil for crunchiness

There are lots of interesting recipes like this and you can find one for every type of meal and make a complete meal with them. They c

an be prepared in a couple of minutes, which saves time and insist on using only healthy cooking ideas such as baking for frying etc, without compromising on the taste. Your children will absolutely love such meals and they will learn to appreciate food that is nutritious yet tasty for their appetite.
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