Tips for traveling with a carry-on suitcase

If you’re afraid to lose your luggage and don’t really trust the airport workers, you can travel with a carry-on luggage only. This means you would need to pack less and have less room for souvenirs. You need to be more practical and learn how to take enough clothes for a short trip or even two weeks.
First of all, you need to get the largest carry-on bag you can find. It should not be larger than the maximum dimensions of 35x56x23 cm. Pick a suitcase that has comfortable wheels to walk from one terminal to another. If you get a light softer bag you would have more room to pack all the things you need. Don’t forget to indicate your name and address on the suitcase.
You also need to know how to pack all your clothes into one suitcase. This is a very important skill for a traveler. The following tips would provide you with the most useful information for a carry-on traveler:
All the liquids that you take on a plane should be packed in a 100 ml / 100 grams containers. Don’t take a bottle of your favorite perfume if it is packed in a large bottle, otherwise, it would be taken away. Place your liquid containers into zip-lock bags in order to prevent any leakage.
Razors and blades
Depending on the type of a razor you carry, airport security would either allow it or take it away. Keep in mind that any cartridge razors and safety razors are allowed on the airplane as long as you cannot take their blades out. Straight razor would not pass the airport security, that’s why you need to leave this kind of a razor at home.
Before you start packing you bag, lay out all the clothes you’re planning on taking. Decide if you really need 3 dresses and 5 t-shirts on a three day trip. Can you survive without all the unnecessary clothes in your suitcase? I bet you can. If you cannot fit all your clothes in a suitcase, get them all out and roll your t-shirts and jeans to save space and avoid wrinkles. It is easy to pack rolled clothes.
You don’t need to change your shoes every day. Depending on your trip pack a pair of office shoes, a pair of sandals and sneakers. You can even wear your sneakers on the plane for extra comfort.
If you’re going to a hot country, don’t forget to take your accessories like sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and insect repellent. Don’t forget to take your small alarm clock with you.
Put several plastic bags into your suitcase for dirty or wet clothes. You should also pack your shoes into plastic bags, in order to avoid the sand or small dirt particles spreading all over your clothes. You can also take some small electronic devices with you. If you have a small hairdryer or an iron suitable for travelling, consider taking them with you. You never know when you might need these things.

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