A Health Conscious Person’s Guide To Organic Foods

There is a lot of hype about organic food at the moment and for good reason. Organic food is quite simply better for you!

It has been discovered that the high concentration of pesticides found in that majority of non organic food is bad for the human body-symptoms of toxicity include headaches, stomach disorders, lowered libido, general lethargy and also serious diseases.

For example, a growth hormone given to non organic cattle and found in meat and milk has been linked to cases of cancer in humans, and the routine use of antibiotics in factory farmed meat and eggs has led to a rise in antibiotic resistant diseases.

The great news is that you can avoid the harmful effects of pesticides in your food… the solution is to just buy organic and you will be saving yourself a host of health problems.

Organic food is what our grandparents simply called “food”; grown without any chemical interference it retains all the good, health giving properties of food without the harmful additives.

Some foods, due to their growing conditions and being mass produced, retain a greater concentration of pesticides than others, and at the very least you should be making sure that you buy these things organically. Some of these foods include:


Although very good for you due to the natural antioxidants and nutrients, fruit grown conventionally uses an awful lot of pesticides and chemicals. Apples are officially the worst culprit, so always ensure that your apples are organic.

Other fruits with a high pesticide residue include berries and soft fruits which are heavily treated with chemicals because they have specific growing conditions and tend to ripen very quickly. By buying your fruit organically you are avoiding a large proportion of the pesticides found in fruit and there is the added bonus that it tastes so much better!


Plants and crops grown organically are not treated with chemical fertilizers, weedkillers and fungicides, meaning that they are so much better for you.

Vegetables are good for us, as we all know but if you eat conventionally farmed vegetables than you’re taking in far more than just the natural health giving properties contained in the veg.

Some plants are worse than others for chemical residue due to their large surface area and all the little folds in the leaves. Salad leaves, spinach, kale and the like are very good at retaining pesticides they are treated with, making them an essential to buy organically.

Even root vegetables… although they are generally scrubbed before use, contain pesticide residue which is impossible to wash off.


Unless you’re a vegetarian, meat is probably a regular on your shopping list. Make it a healthier option by buying organic meat. This will contain no traces of chemical residue as organically raised animals are not treated with anything artificial, either in the food or in their bodies.

Non organic meat, on the other hand, contains a shocking amount of harmful chemicals and is raised in a much less natural way. Animals kept for conventionally farmed meat are kept indoors for most of the year and are much more prone to disease.

This problem is "solved" by dosing the stock with antibiotics which find their way into your body, causing potentially life threatening responses to antibiotic resistant disease.

Antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides from feed are stored in the fatty tissues of meat, meaning that you cannot avoid ingesting it-unless you eat organic meat.


Organic milk contains no trace of pesticide residue whatsoever, meaning that it is the far healthier option. Milk from grass fed cows that are allowed to live a natural lifestyle is not only creamier and tastier, but will not expose your body to the pesticides found in non organic milk.

Growth hormones are fed to factory farmed cows to increase their growth and milk yield. These can include rBGH, which can not only make the cows sickly and cause problems like mastitis and other infections, but has been linked to cases of breast and colon cancer in people.

Milk is one of the best source's of calcium and protein, so make sure you buy organic for the best results.


Because they are so widely used, eggs are another thing to buy organically. Organic eggs come from chickens that lead a natural lifestyle; allowed to peck and scratch in the dirt and roam relatively freely, the chickens are so much healthier and consequently produce bigger and better eggs.

Eggs from organic chickens contain no pesticides from the feed, nor are they dosed with antibiotics to combat health problems caused by overcrowding and an unnatural lifestyle. Moreover, dishes like Loaded Scrambled Eggs or English muffin egg pizzas make complete healthy mornings. 

Organic free range eggs are the absolute best you can get, but you should always ensure that you buy free range at the very least.

There are a great many foods out there which contain harmful levels of pesticide residue and it can be confusing to know which are the most important to buy organically.

Ideally, we would all be growing all our own organic produce in our back gardens, but as most of us have neither the time nor the space to do this, buying organic food is the next best thing!

Organic food also puts far less strain on the environment, as it uses no chemicals in its production. Chemicals used in mass produced foods can destroy natural ecosystems, contaminate waterways and kill biodiversity. Organic food is simply a natural way of growing food which fits in with the harmony of nature.

If you want to work out how you can improve your individual eating habits, have a look through the "dirty dozen", a list of the foods containing the highest concentration of chemicals.

From this you can work out which foods you eat the most of and therefore which are the most important to substitute for organic alternatives.

Of course, once you have switched to buying a few foods organically you will be so pleasantly surprised by the improved taste and your feelings of health and well-being that you will no doubt decide to go totally organic! Make a start today by buying the organic alternatives to foods you eat regularly and you will be reducing your pesticide intake.

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