5 Ways to Support Incarcerated Friends and Loved Ones

Dealing with the struggles and challenges that you face in everyday life is hard enough, but can be more difficult when you are dealing with incarcerated friends and loved ones on top of your normal life. If you currently have a friend or family member in jail, now is a better time than ever to show your support and to tell them just how much you care about them.  While your friends and loved ones may want you to contact a bailbond service, such as bailbonds in Columbus, experts agree that support can should and can be shown in myriad ways. Simply take advantage of these 5 ways to support incarcerated friends and loved ones when someone that you care about is faced with a prison or jail sentence.

Visiting Incarcerated Loved Ones
If you are within driving distance of the jail or prison where your loved one is currently being held, you can show your support for them by visiting the jail as frequently as you are able to. Because jail and prison are not very nice places to be living and your loved ones will be surrounded by people who may not be very nice to them, visiting with them will allow them to have some interaction with people that they feel comfortable with and that they know care about them. Seeing them on a regular basis will provide them with the confidence and reinforcement that they need to get through each day while they are incarcerated.

Accepting Calls From Friends and Family

While you may not be able to call the jail or prison to speak with your friends and family that are currently incarcerated, it is important to accept their calls when you are at home. Just being able to speak with them will provide them with a positive outlook on life and will keep them grounded while they are in prison. This type of support is absolutely necessary for individuals to stay sane while locked up.

Writing and Care Packages
If you are not able to visit with your incarcerated friends and loved ones, show them your support and love by writing to them as regularly as possible. Be sure to respond to their letters that they send you, as this may be one of their only forms of communication with the outside world. A short note or greeting card can shine a little light on their day. You can also find out from the jail or prison about which items are permitted to be sent to inmates including books, magazines and other things that they may enjoy to help pass the time.

Do Not Show Anger
Although you may be angry with your loved one for their actions and the reason that they were incarcerated in the first place, now is not the time to show your anger. Instead, show them your support and tell them how much you care about them. This will let them know that you will be there for them in all that they do, helping them to get through each and every day of their struggle.

Sending Money
Many inmates are required to purchase their own hygienic supplies such as soap and shampoo. Place money into their account when you are able to so that they are able to enjoy a few luxuries that other inmates do not have access to.

In addition to supporting your loved one during this hard time, you will need to find support for yourself as well. Look for support groups online or in your area that know what you are going through and can be there to help you deal with your struggles.

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