How to Prepare Your Home for a Pest Inspection

Pest infestations are never fun to deal with, especially if you're preparing to sell, appraise or refinance your home. Infestations are not always apparent, and in many cases people don't know that their homes are infested until an inspector notices it. By then, it may be too late to deal with the problem without drastic measures.

Whether you are having your home appraised or you just want to make sure you don't have pests in your home, a pest inspection will be very thorough and will require some preparation on your part. Different pests and inspections may call for different preparation methods, but there are some things that any homeowner can do when faced with an inspection.

Clear Out Your Cabinets
The first thing any homeowner should do for to prepare for a pest inspection is to clear out all their kitchen and bathroom cabinets, especially if the offending pests are roaches or silverfish. These pests like to hide in dark places, so you can count on inspectors to take a look in your cabinets. They may also be able to find signs of mice or rats in these empty cabinets.

Trim Back the Bushes Near Your House
A thorough inspector will need to know how vermin are getting into your home, something that will require you to trim back any bushes and pull any weeds that are too close to your house's outer walls. These bushes may be hiding points of entry such as mouse holes or soft places where animals can dig. They can also hide nests and burrows that these pests call home. Naturally, exposing them will make getting rid of the pests a lot easier.

Keep All Items at Least Two Feet Away from Your House
This really goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip, but all items should be kept at least two feet away from the sides of your house. Inspectors have to be able to check for the aforementioned points of entry, and that cannot happen if there's a grill or any gardening equipment in the way.

Keep Crawlspaces Clear
If your house has a crawlspace, chances are that the inspector will need to see it. Make sure it isn't blocked and that everything has been emptied out of it if you were using it for storage. This also goes for an attic that has standing room, especially if you use it for any reason.

Vacuum All Carpeted Areas and Upholstered Furniture
If you think you may be dealing with ticks, fleas or ants, you will want to vacuum all carpeted areas before the inspection. This includes upholstered furniture. The soft fibers of a carpet could easily hide tiny pests that are practically invisible, so it's important to keep it clean. If you have the opportunity to shampoo your carpets, you should do so as well. A clean carpet is a lot easier to inspect than one that hasn't been vacuumed recently. Besides, there is a chance you can take care of your pest problem in the process.

Above all else, the important thing to do before any kind of inspection is to simply clean your home thoroughly. This will make any problems that may exist easier to see while the inspectors do their job.
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This article was written by Chase Roberts, interior decorator and avid gardener. If you are looking for professional pest control in MA

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