The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying a Used Car

The stress of buying a used automobile can make even the most patient person sweat profusely. Even if you are a person who is familiar with cars in general, you can be overwhelmed by all that choice, and be a little awed by the process. So to unravel the confusion, here are some of the biggest mistakes that people often make when buying a used car.

Do your Homework
The Internet has made the process of car-buying as transparent as the clearest glass. Now, any person has free access to the necessary facts and figures on various makes and models of cars, including features, prices, and detailed information on financing. So before setting your foot at a dealer's, research the vehicles and their competition. And have a good idea about the car(s) that you are interested in, and check every detail that is specifically important to you.

Choosing the Wrong Car
Have a good idea as to exactly what you want to do with the car you intend to buy. Then you'll end up with a car that really suits your needs. Dont feel like you need to buy a big SUV when you don't usually ferry seven passengers around. So don't get stuck with the kind of car that you need only occasionally. If necessary, rent a car for special occasions like a family trip.

Not Taking a Test Drive
Always test drive a car before buying, no matter how much you like it on sight. Get familiar with its performance as well as features. And while you are at it, drive through the back streets as well as smooth highways, to make sure that the car behaves well in various road conditions.

Buying New when Used is Enough
As a potential car buyer, think of used cars before buying a new vehicle. Many manufacturers have certified pre-owned sales programs that ensure the reliability of used cars and involve a thorough inspection of the vehicle, not to mention a warranty of up to seven years or 100,000 miles. Besides, financing a used car is much less expensive than financing a new car.

Falling Prey to 'Feature Creep'
When optional car features become necessities, buying a car takes longer and is more expensive. So list all the features you must have beforehand and don't let fresh features come creeping into that list, unless you can afford them.

Failing to Pre-Shop for Financing
Take time to shop for the necessary financing at your credit union or bank before you approach the dealer. Have a good idea as to just how much you qualify for and the interest rate you can get. Otherwise, your dealer will have an easier time to push you into a financing scheme that profits only the dealership and not you. And even better is to walk into the dealership armed with a preapproved loan in your hand. Baton Rouge check cashing also allows for a short term loan that can be quick and easy just in case you need.

Exceeding your Budget
You did your research, evaluated your needs, arranged the financing, and then enter the dealership only to let yourself get talked into the kind of car with a price tag that is much more than you have budgeted for. So stay with your budget, and ensure that you can really afford the vehicle you want to buy, thus avoiding buyer's remorse or getting in too far over your head.
About the author:
This article was contributed by Taylor Morford, automobile enthusiast, blogger, and muscle car repairman-in-training. If you are a Texas resident looking for a used car dealer in Dallas, Taylor recommends AutoUSA.

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