Some of the beaches in Vietnam that you should discover by sea

Many people do not consider Vietnam a sea destination. However, this Asian country boasts of numerous wonderful lagoons, coves, sea landscapes and more importantly, sand beaches. Discovering Vietnam beaches by sea is the best way for you because it allows you to see hidden coves and landscapes. If you are looking for a way to relax, you can do so by taking a holiday in this country by using a boat because this allows you to direct your steering wheel to your preferred coast without the need for you to respect timetables. This also allows you to experience and explore nature. 

Vietnam beaches that you should discover by sea

Nha Trang
This beach, which boasts of light azure waters and gold sand beaches, is the most popular in this country. It is also a favorite choice for diving and there are many mountains behind it. The building of services, attractions, and sculptures has led to its significant development in recent years. This beach, which is a mix of tradition and globalization, also has numerous night attractions. You should therefore discover it by sea so that you can enjoy them.

Phu Quoc

This beach boasts of a tropical scenario of a heavenly landscape, green areas, and white sand beaches. As compared to Nha Trang, this beach has only a few night attractions. It is famous across the world for the black pepper that is cultivated on it. It is the most beautiful in this country and hence, you should discover it by sea so that you can enjoy its white sand beaches namely, Bai Sao, which is irresistible, Ong Lan, which is romantic and Long Beach, which is sophisticated.

Doc Let

The view of this beach is ideal for scenographic photos that have a sea that suits children owing to shallow waters and a white sand beach. You should discover this beach by sea because the streets that are near it are usually crowded. It is allows you to escape from everything because it has some atmospheric resorts. You should therefore slip up its coast while everyone is sunning themselves elsewhere.

Mui Ne
Mui Ne, which situated on seductive sand, is very charming because it has towering dunes and swaying palms. It blends inertia and action to perfection. You should therefore discover it by sea so that some water sports and the waves can pummel you.

Con Dao
The government has been protecting the Con Dao islands from over exposure owing to their isolated location that is off the coast. These islands boast of numerous idyllic beaches and resorts. When it comes to Vietnamese beaches, they rank among the most popular. You should therefore discover them in order to enjoy them while they last. 

Ho Coc

Although the masses cannot access much of this beach because it consists of Phan Thiet and Vung Tau, it is almost a single long beach. You should take a retreat to Ho Coc by sea, which is a glorious sandbar that is almost midway along the stretch, in order to discover its potential. 

The aforementioned are just a few of the wonderful Vietnam beaches that you should discover by sea. Hence, if you are an international traveller, luck is on your side because an Esta application is not necessary
when travelling to Vietnam and all you need to do is to get your Visa and passport ready. 

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