How to “Survive” the First Date

Experts in sentimental relations say that the future of a couple depends largely on the first date, so it takes careful preparation to make good impression.

The torment of the first “rendez-vous”
Online dating agencies and social sites make the first date easier to arrange, and the impression you make is the best possible one. But what people really seek?
The first date is almost always an ordeal for both partners and that both a man and a woman already know if you are interested in a second date almost immediately after the first interaction when the two have just sat down and ordered a drink. However, experts say that even if you failed, you can still turn the situation to your advantage before asking for the bill. The first rule about first dates is to want to feel good and leave behind the stress that you might make a mistake.
The best way to ensure a general good mood is to choose an activity that you will both enjoy. Agreed to go to a horror film can be a disastrous decision for a woman who prefers romantic comedies. Likewise, a man less inclined towards art will feel bad if he accepts to go to an exhibition of avant-garde painting.
The art of compromise is essential in any type of relationship, so it is well to start practicing from the beginning, choosing a first date in a place that is convenient for both. If you want to ensure the element of fun, you can find some fun first date activities on TenMania, such as a picnic, rollerblading or an amusement park.

Good manners are always in style
Even though many young people find it an old-fashioned gesture, it’s indicated to bring the woman a bouquet of flowers on the first date. However, a man should know how to act: open the door to the car, hold her seat. When it comes to paying the bill, there are many opinions. Some argue that the bill should be shared, but a man genuinely interested in a woman he has just met, must always prepare his wallet for when the waiter brings the bill.

The art of conversation
Whether it is a person you met in the office, at the gym or someone introduced you, the first date is very tense because it is difficult to find a suitable topic of conversation. You do not know each other well enough to be aware of the other’s hobbies, you probably don’t have common friends you can share stories about. Inevitably, in the first moments, the conversation will be filled with an awkward silence, over which it can pass with a sense of humor.
Even if you want to impress your partner, the first date is not the appropriate time to discuss life aspirations or how you see yourself in 10-20 years. Similarly, it is not appropriate to talk about what a bad day at work you had or how your boss is so horrible. At the same time, it is recommended not to ask intimate questions about the person’s past or relationships.

There are no universal recipes for “surviving” a first date, but the most successful date are those when you make no plans and simply go with the flow.

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