Top Nail Polish Colors for Fall

This autumn’s color palette has a case of split personality disorder. Classic harvest shades like chocolate and burnt orange top the list of what’s hot, but this year they share the spotlight with “electric” colors like teal and chartreuse. This is good news for fashionistas who don’t want to limit their fall wardrobe. You’re likely to find a perfect nail color match for every outfit, whether you like to go loud, or prefer a softer, more subtle look. No matter your style, make sure your nails are in tip-top shape with the season’s best colors! Here’s a sneak peek at what is going to be hot for fall 2013.

The Classics – Tried and True

Blood Red: This one should be obvious. Red is an all-season all-star, and with Halloween around the corner deeper shades of red gain the perfect mix of spooky and sultry connotations.

Burnt Orange The leaves are turning colors and you will be turning heads with this season’s trend towards colors like pumpkin and sienna.

Navy & Midnight Blue: The days are getting shorter and that means the nights are getting longer. Celebrate this shift with celestial blues that conjure up starry, moonlit skies.

Chocolate: Here’s another seasonal favorite. Warm brown tones are easy to pair with this year’s oversized tweed jackets and revamped argyle prints.

Nude: It may be getting cold outside, but you can still go au naturel. Nude nail polish is a great choice when you want to look put together without looking overdone.

Gray: Gray skies don’t have to leave you feeling blue. This color is in and can help balance brighter statement pieces—like Sandra Bullock’s pink, green, and orange Alex Perry dress—that might be a little bold on their own. Speaking of bold…

The Wild Side – Vamp Up Your Look

Poppy: Floral reds and oranges add a zip of color to fall’s muted tones. These shades are perfect for a night on the town or an twilight hayride through the pumpkin patch.

Chartreuse: Halfway between green and yellow, this color conjures up the height of springtime’s glory. Keep your fall outfits fresh with chartreuse nails.

Teal: Teal tops this season’s list of punchy electric hues. Go bold with this nail color option and you’ll be the talk of the town all autumn long.

Amethyst: A quick glance at the nail polish racks will turn up all kinds of shades that call themselves ‘amethyst.’ Don’t fret—you can’t go wrong with any of these, from lilac to grape, so long as you don’t go any darker than plum. Inspired by the ripe fruits of the harvest season, pair these purples with brown, gray, and cream-colored outfits.

Glitter: All that glitters is not gold, but it is fashion-forward this fall. Any shimmery shade will do, but you’ll score extra style points if you stick to the colors listed above.

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