Men - 5 Style Tips For Avoiding First Date Disaster

First impressions are everything on a first date. You want to bring your A-game by being chivalrous, funny, and sparking interesting conversation. However, you probably won't get the chance to woo your lady if you show up looking like a homeless guy. Initial attraction is heavily based on appearance, so you're going to want to look and dress your best. Here are some style tips to keep in mind for your big date.

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1) Don't Wear Khakis

Khakis are great for the workplace, but they have no place on a first date. Why is that? Well, they're boring. There's nothing interesting or special about the neutral color or traditional cut of khaki pants. A guy who wears khakis on a first date is screaming to his date that he's dull and has no personality. That's exactly what you don't want to do.

2) Get a Haircut

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It's important to show up to a first date looking good. In addition to picking out the appropriate attire, you need to pay a lot of attention to your hair. You'd be surprised by how much a haircut or shave can change the way that you look. The wrong hairstyle can easily make your break your overall appearance. For a first date, it's always safer to go with a nicely cropped style. Something that's well-groomed and classy like a modern comb over would work, but a do that's a bit edgier yet clean like the buzzhawk should also impress the right type of girl. If you're looking to get your hair in tip-top shape for the special occasion, a barber shop like The Art of Shaving in Buffalo won't let you down.

3) Show Off Your Personality with Shoes

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A guy's choice of footwear can say a lot about his personality. Make sure that your kicks aren't sending out the wrong message. Some men feel that they should go with something more dressy on a first date like loafers or dress shoes, and those are great choices. However, it's not necessary to wear fancy footwear. You could decide to meet your date in stylish sneakers, leather boots, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Whatever you wear, make sure that it's nice and clean, and steer clear of sandals.

4) Brighten Up Her Day with Color

Don't show up to a first date looking like you're attending a funeral. All black clothes are a no-no, and so are clothes that are drab and gray. While you don't have to wear highlighter colors, it's nice to contrast neutral tones with more lively hues. Wearing a colorful top with a neutral bottom or vice versa can really make your outfit pop.

5) Button-down Shirts Are Overplayed

Be creative with your choice of top. There's no need to stick to the stereotypical dress shirt. You could wrap a blazer over a polo shirt or throw a cardigan over a v-neck tee. Button-down shirts can work well when incorporated creatively into an outfit.

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