Six Bad Habits that Will Hurt Your Back

Back pain is a problem that nearly everyone has experienced at some point, but did you know that back pain is a symptom and not a disease? It’s frequently a symptom of a person’s habits announcing itself with a twinge, strain or ache. These are a few of the more common causes of back pain.

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Sitting at a desk all day

Unfortunately, this is something many people have in common. It’s not simply the sitting all day that causes the pain, but rather the bad posture that accompanies it. Slouching or hunching over a computer screen are both likely to cause back pain albeit in different areas of the back. 

Skipping the gym

Contrary to what some people may think, exercise can be beneficial to back health, which is why skipping the gym can create a relentless kink in your back. The reason why this occurs is because exercise can alleviate or even prevent back pain in two ways: It relaxes the muscles via the actual mechanics of exercise and it also relieves the muscle tension that comes from stress.

Ignoring stress

Stress in an unpleasant facet of life that can create tightness that shows up in the back. The failure to find an outlet for stress through such means as exercise or relaxation activities can have the negative side effect of causing back pain.

Wearing high heels

The perfect black heels are considered a must have fashion accessory, but they’re torture for the back. Wearing high heels throws off a woman’s normal posture and gait. The back attempts to compensate by arching, which puts strain on the muscles and causes low back pain.

Carrying a heavy purse

Slinging a purse over one shoulder is guaranteed to cause some discomfort. According to the experts at Healthy Back, a heavy purse on one shoulder creates an imbalance that affects the back muscles over time and creates a constant ache in the back.

Sleeping on an old mattress or one that’s not right for you

Mattresses are usually good for 7 to 10 years, but some may only last for 5 years before causing back pain. In addition, the hardness of a mattress can also factor into back pain. Some people do better with firmer mattresses while others do betters with softer mattresses.
Back pain, while unpleasant, can almost always be traced back to a bad habit. These are just six of the most common causes of back pain. 

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