Building a Strong Marriage: Five Solutions to Common Arguments

Even the best, most rock-steady marriages experience turbulence from time to time. In every close, cooperative human relationship, interpersonal tensions can sometimes mount high, despite the best efforts of those involved, and marriages are certainly no exception. What are some of the silly and not-so-silly reasons those we love most often dance on our last nerve? Are there solutions to these problems? Psychologists say so and offer several handy tips to help every married couple defuse those tense moments.

Combining Households
When two individuals get married, they aren’t just promising to have and to hold. They’re also agreeing to put up with the accumulated possessions of their darling’s entire existence up to that point. This can cause ordinary tensions to mount as the newlyweds navigate around extra “stuff.” One option to combat this problem is to look into some storage units to use while you sort through your things and combine your homes. You can bring home one box and go through it, preventing your home from having that stuffed feeling while you sort throught your items, according to Extra Space Storage in McKinney.

Little Feet
Children are often what many married couples dream of having together. However, once they arrive, stress becomes a natural part of life and can fray nerves between the two. What is most important beyond ensuring the safety and health of the new little one is to set aside time to truly bond as a couple. After children, such opportunities must often be scheduled, but it’s worth the effort.

While money issues can be legitimate, quarrels about finances are often symbolic of other issues, such as power, a differing system of values, or other major interpersonal issues. When financial problems seem to be at the root of an argument, both partners should take a step back and ask themselves why they are upset. Taking a moment to analyze the true issue can save time and heartache.

Poor Connection
Negative or insufficient communication can lead to major issues. Both newlyweds and those with established marriages can fall victim to this. Always be sure to clearly communicate what you want, and take into account the needs and desires of your lifemate. Encourage conversation before action. Take responsibility for your actions and feelings.

Personal Quirks

Every person has individual habits of behavior, and often marrying someone means becoming acquainted with the smallest and most annoying of these. If your mate’s collection of behaviors and habits are getting on your nerves, shift the focus rather than nag. Consciously change your mood by initiating fun outings or play. 

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