Women and Happiness: Being Happy From The Inside Out

Happiness is an attitude necessary for living. For every woman, it is the right to live a happy life. The happier we are the productive and effective our acts will be! But with the growing personal and career demands, happiness is almost declining in a woman’s life.

Our happiness is honest than our words.  I never wanted my happiness to have some reasons. I love being happy for no reason- most of the times. I am a woman. I have limitations, commitments, social and personal responsibilities, job need; wish for a good life, a healthy relation with my husband and kid, but many more reasons can become a challenge to my happiness. But I learned not to sacrifice the very feeling of staying happy to anything else in my life. Happiness is, to like what you have, while waiting for your dreams, wishes to get fulfilled.
Most of the times, our happiness depends upon external factors like: partner, family, kids, friends, job, social relationship and personal challenges. Life is about discovering your happiness in spite of knowing that, there are many reasons: to not feel so happy about! The magic is in your hands, how you surprise your problems by feeling happy from within.
Being happy at your present life and situation is necessary to continue living happily!
When we learn to take control of our happiness, we can control our actions too, for a better life ahead.
To understand a woman's happiness, we need to dive deep into the “ocean of reasons” that contributes happiness in her life. Women love being satisfied with personal, social and monetary status. They feel complete. Happiness holds a significant place in her life. A true feeling of self- sufficient to oneself and people connected with her, brings her a good deal of happiness; but just like: “To look good one should feel good from inside,” similarly to live a happy life, being happy from within is necessary. But why often we get so confused in acknowledging the reasons to “True Happiness.” What really makes us happy- as a woman! Is it a loving relationship with our partner and kids, a healthy married life, our family support, a satisfying job or a bunch of good friends in our lives? Do we feel happy when we look good and receive lots of appreciation; or when we are independent and get lot of space to make certain decisions in our life? Does happiness means- “being cared and counted, or living the way we wanted!”
A woman’s happiness depends upon four important factors: a) Self b) Husband/Partner c) Family n Kids and d) Society, Friends, Work and Relations. But what truly holds responsible for “her” happiness- is she, herself. When a woman connects to herself and understands her needs and challenges, she can take up any task in life. Her role as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, or as a friend can do justice without getting tangled. In an attempt to keep others happy and meet their needs, we often overdo without attending to our demands- as a woman. Sometimes we ignore and many a times we sacrifice giving attention to the needs of our body, mind and soul. Remaining connected to inner self while attending others’ will make every woman’s life easier.

Few Positive Ways to Connect with Yourself:
Please note: These steps are only for you and nobody else! We are so used to depending upon people around us- for our happiness, that we find it difficult to- live for ourselves at times! Follow these baby steps one day at a time and be a “happier woman.”

1.      Often relax, review and refresh- Take some time out (may be 30 min everyday) of your scheduled busy life to rock the bed or chair and just relax! Close your eyes, nose and ears and even your mind and just feel the silence around you. Review yourself. Your good and bad deeds, roles and responsibilities, bad and good moments, priorities, good and bad feelings, and find out- what triggers the bad, unhappy feelings in your life. Refresh, while finding new ways to deal with it and go for it.

2.      Talk to God- The only best friend in our life- with whom we can share anything and everything. The best part is: we can talk, complain, defend our mistakes, scold, and can pour out all kind of negative emotions without even being interrupted. Feel happy to learn that Somebody really “listens to you.” We often get solutions to our problems when we center our mind and soul spiritually!
3.      Take Time Drinking Your Cup of Tea/Coffee- The best breaks from annoying moments in life are: tea and coffee breaks! Take time to sit, read and think over a cup of tea and coffee. Rejuvenate your tired hormones.
4.      Often Hibernate- Go unreachable, inaccessible or even invisible once in a while- from social links, phones, social gatherings or even celebrations- you don’t like to attend. Come back fresh and happy!
5.      Look good and feel good- I always love to look good for myself. When I feel good inside me, I feel confident and awesome- both inside as well as outside. Do not neglect your look and style-even when you are at home. Every woman feels happy to look their best-their own way! Continue looking the most beautiful or the prettiest in your way.
6.      Talk to Yourself- I know this sounds awful, but we actually talk to ourselves sometimes! I know people who feel better, when they have self-conversations; either in the bathroom, while driving, while watching television, walking or sometimes while praying. They told me that, “this way they develop the strength to face challenges or adversities.” Inner conversations enable self-editing and are the best ways to motivate and inspire you. The best way to connect with your innerself.

I have discovered 20 ways to help you meet with your “own self,” but in this first part of the article- I will only share 6 steps. As you start to practice these possibilities in your life, I will continue to share more steps- to help you all become “HAPPY WOMEN” one day, because happy women leads everyone to happy and healthy living.

About The Author:

I am Epsita Mahapatra, a mother to a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a full-time blogger at present. I am decent at photography. But writing is my passion. This is the reason why I blog, to inspire lives positively by sharing my experiences and learning. I am an aspiring self-help and inspirational writer who believes strongly in positive thinking. I believe in finding possibilities in your negative attitude. My motto on LIFE- LIVE and CELEBRATE.   

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