Child Birth Centre? What-to-wear Checklist

You are now at the beginning of your 9th month of pregnancy, and along with the vitamins, nutrients, exercise and good spirit, it is time to prepare yourself for your stay at the birth center when the big day comes.

No matter if you are going to give a natural birth or you have chosen the cesarean section, the most important thing is to be calm and positive enough, and of course – to be ready with your luggage for the birth center. Most hospitals have their own requirements what you can bring in, because of the conditions of sterility, so you have to ask the staff is there anything you should not wear. So, at the end of the 8th month of your pregnancy it is time to prepare your bag, which you will use when going to the birth center when the time comes. It is clear that the baby is not always born on the due date. Therefore, you should be prepared well before the due date.

You have probably chosen the hospital where you are going to give birth, so it is best to talk with the staff and ask if there is a list of the things you are supposed to wear when you are admitted to the birth center.

What should you take when going to the birth center?

The list below is given just as an example, of course, and each and every one of you should judge if they need everything listed. At first, you will most likely fill a couple of bags with everything you think you need to get in the birth center with you, but try still to reduce your luggage. Once you have completed this stage of preparation, everything that remains is to wait for the greatest event in your life to happen. 


Make sure you have prepared all the important documents that you will need in order to be admitted to the birth center:

·        ID card, exchange card
·        A document that has to prove you are to be hospitalized
·        Your medical record
·        Marriage certificate if you are married to the baby's father – it is used for making the birth certificate of your baby

The mother's checklist

·        At least two nightgowns, several pairs of socks, and a pair of slippers
·        Several pairs of convenient lingerie, and nursing pads
·        A robe
·    A soft sports bra for the first few days or whatever other bra you feel comfortable with, and then a nursing bra and special pads, when you start breastfeeding
·        A few large towels – two or three are quite enough
·  Soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and paste, wet wipes, napkins, toilet paper, disposable razors, a comb and a hair brush, face cream and lip balm, etc.
·        Sanitary pads, which are highly absorbent
·        A breast pump and medications if necessary
·        A set of utensils – a cup, a fork, a spoon
·        Money

The baby's checklist

·        Diapers – 20-24 pieces are enough
·        Baby wet wipes
·        A pacifier
·        A pair of cotton gloves – talk to the staff if you are allowed to bring them to the birth center
·        Feeding bottles if you don't have enough milk
·        Baby cream
·        A couple of small towels
·        A blanket for the baby
·   Clothes – the amount depends on your stay – 3 days when you have given a normal birth or 5 days when it comes to cesarean section. Do not forget to get bodysuits, rompers, socks, etc.

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Jane Mires were very excited and even a little scared when her girl was about to born. Now she is confident mother happy to lead

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