5 Simple But Effective Tips To Safeguard Your Skin

Are you noticing that your skin is becoming dark, dry and is developing blemishes? Are you experiencing skin inflammation and have no idea what to do about it? Well, chances are that you are not paying much heed towards your skin nourishment and its protection. If you take great care of your skin, great! However what you do not realize is it is essential to protect and safeguard your skin as it is to keep the skin cleansed and moisturized. Skin protection forms a crucial part for the skin care regimen. Here are some easy tips to protect your skin against harmful elements and conditions.

What’s Your Skin Type?
Have you cared enough to really find out if you have an oily, dry, normal or mixed skin type? You are tired of looking at your skin imperfections and are desperate to fix them up with an instant solution. It is quite understandable what you must be feeling about the same. However, before you start mindlessly putting that fairness or anti-bacterial cream on your face or applying a thick layer of that fresh fruit face pack, please pause and contemplate. Know what skin type you have got and then decide to go for the specific treatments for it. 

Protect Against UV Rays
Stepping out into the sun without wearing a sun protection could prove to be much disastrous for your skin that you could imagine. The harmful ultra violet rays of the sun cast a very harmful effect on the skin, as they damage the collagen present in it. This leads to skin sagging and excessive dryness. Apart from sun tan, there are high chances of developing skin cancer. Your skin gets red rashes and inflammation then becomes quite a common problem. Please ensure that you are always wearing a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or more, 20 minutes before you step out in the sun.

Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals
Using soaps and face washes which are high in caustic content and contain harmful chemicals are detrimental for your skin health. Choosing just the appropriate product to cleanse and moisturize your skin would go a long way in safeguarding against skin rashes, unnatural dryness and break outs. Please do not be misguided by the fact that oily skin does not need moisturisation and should always use products which control oil. Use only trusted brands and try to opt for natural or herbal based remedies.

Guard Against Mosquito and Insect Bites
Whether you realize it or not, these insects also harm your skin big time because they not only infect your skin with their sting, they also leave that area with swelling and ugly marks. And if you happen to scratch the skin, that bite grows even worse. Use lemon grass oil for keeping mosquitoes at bay and eat a lot of garlic so that they are naturally repelled. Never rub or scratch the infected area as the itching or pain would only increase.  

Avoid Hot Showers
Okay, the thought of standing in the long comforting shower after a hard day of work might be tossing in your head while driving your way home, however prolonged exposure towards hot water could damage your skin and rip off the natural moisture it contains. The uppermost layer of the skin gets bruised when it remains in contact with hot water for too long. Try to use lukewarm water instead of hot.

Let The Skin Breathe
Swear by a skin care regimen and follow it up religiously before going to bed. Night care is more crucial for your skin that the day care, however this does not give you an excuse to ignore your skin during the day. It is just that in the morning you wash your skin anyway by default under the shower or during a sponge. But at night your skin requires to get cleansed and moisturized as it carries all the dirt of the day which clogs the skin pores. So never go to bed with make up on it or without cleansing it after your return from work.

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