How to Pick a Hat to Fit Your Personality

Hats are all the rage in fashion lately, for both men and women. This trend can be worn year long, and even helps you cope with the weather. A hat can be a great way to express yourself without too much investment. How should you pick a hat to best fit your personality?

It’s So YOU!

Wearing a hat can dramatically change the look of any ensemble, and can define personality as well. Don’t think so? What does a cowboy hat say to you? Paired with jeans, boots, and a plaid flannel over a t-shirt? What about worn by a woman with a white cotton chemise, boots, and a smile? Told you so.

Some people wear a hat, a certain hat, all the time, every day. It is a part of who they are. You know at least one person like this. But others trade hats around, a different one for a different look at a different occasion. Have fun with hats and you’ll find that it’s easy to pick a hat to fit your personality.

What’s the Color of Your Parachute?

Before we get to style, let’s check color. Some people cannot wear every color. Particularly colors such as orange, yellow, lime, and the like - these colors can make you appear sallow and have an unhealthy sheen, and a hat is right up next to your face. So hold up a variety of colors to your face in a mirror and see what you need to rule out before you go shopping for your new hat.

Size Matters

Next up is gauging that melon of yours. Be honest here, if you wear a huge had on a tiny head you will look like you are trying to be funny. Laughing with you isn’t the same thing as laughing at you, mate. Vice versa is bad too, tiny hat on a huge sphere of a head is not a great fashion

Where Ya Headed?

The destination to which you are venturing forth will indeed have some bearing on the selection of your hat too. Unless “Inconsiderate Ass” is the personality you are hoping to express, avoid a baseball cap at a wedding, a tophat at the movies, and maybe we all oughta just skip hats altogether at religious centers and funerals.

But if you’re painting the town red or just out and about, have some fun with these classic styles:

     Sports: While the ubiquitous baseball cap has rather come to mean slob, you can still use it on occasion to represent the casual and relaxed you.
    Vintage: This is the most on-trend look in hats. The old-fashioned styles like fedoras, cloches, pillboxes, and newsy caps can show your open-minded and adventurous spirit.
     Winter: When it gets cold you have a great way to express whimsy and fun! How about a knit touk with a yarn mohawk? Or a cap with antlers or cat ears? It’s cold, you might as well enjoy yourself with a hat!

About the author:

Jenny is crazy about fashion and jewellery and blogs at vestido para menina . She has a penchant for whimsical Monogram adornments, and when she is not obsessing over accessories, she puts up puppet shows for her cats.


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