7 Tips to treat itchy rashes on your skin

The first thing that comes in mind when we talk about “Rash” is “Itching”. No doubt rash on skin makes one feel uncomfortable, as they cause itching and sometimes pain. Especially if it is your first time!  Some of the rashes can also be unpredictably annoying. Generally speaking a rash involves change in the color or texture of your skin. A simple rash is called dermatitis, meaning inflammation of the skin. There are many causes of itching including excessive sweating, sunburn, dry skin and superficial skin infections such as eczema and impetigo.

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Most simple rashes will improve with gentle skin care and avoiding irritating substances. Follow these general guidelines which anyone can use to treat itchy rashes:

1.      Use a Good Moisturizer
Most of the time rashes result into dry skin, which is a common reason for itching. You must use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, especially in winters. Make sure your skin gets proper moisture after daily shower.

2.      Avoid Scratching
Avoid scratching or rubbing the itchy areas. Keep fingernails short to avoid damaging the skin from scratching. Family members or friends may be able to help by calling attention to your scratching. So avoid scratching, which can worsen the itch. If you feel the need to itch, instead take a cotton swab and gently dab at the area.
3.      Say NO to Perfumes and Dyes
When it comes to treat rash, to take lukewarm baths using little soap and rinsing thoroughly is better. It’s best to stay away from skin care products, detergents, and other elements that contain perfumes and dyes. It has been noticed that perfumes and synthetic dyes increase itching in such cases.

4.      Avoid Heat and Humidity
Leaving the skin rash open in the air as much as possible is essential. This will help the affected skin to recover fast. But avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat and humidity. Reason being our skin is very sensitive about the climatic conditions. Extremes in weather (both hot and cold) can exacerbate itching due to rashes.

5.      Choose Your Cloths Wisely
Bathing plays an important role to treat the various skin infections. Avoid bathing excessively as it can cause skin dryness and result in flaking and scaling. Research shows that an oatmeal bath is one of the best ways to alleviate body rash. Avoid wearing rough clothing, particularly wool, over an itchy area.

6.      Consume Vitamin C
One of the wise way to treat skin rashes is to consume plenty vitamin C. It works as an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical to cause skin dryness. Vitamin C promotes quick healing of the skin issues resulted from rashes.

7.      Be Busy
Best way to avoid the itching is distracting your mind by take part in activities that make you tired enough to sleep at night. Wear cool, light, loose bedclothes in nights.  This will cause less sweating and relief itching to a great extend.

Many times rashes due to common skin infections can be harmful (when not treated properly) and may lead to serious consequences. If these tips do not help you, consult a dermatologist or a general physician.

About the Author: Evie Dawson is a professional fitness coach and health writer. She advocates curing common skin infections in with natural ingredients like essential oils. Besides this she contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover health guides, fitness and yoga

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