Things to Consider while Selecting Neurological Bobath Tables

The bobath is an innovative concept implemented for neurological rehabilitation. It is primarily used for assessing and treating patients like children suffering from cerebral palsy or adults after cardiac stroke. The main idea behind this technique is to promote the functioning of motor nerve, as a result of which the nerve can be controlled in different environments, enhancing its operation and participation.  Taking this approach to a whole new level are the neurological bobath tables, which have been certified to be highly effective.

Features of Neurological Bobath Tables:
These tables project some remarkable features that make them suitable for neurological rehabilitation. Some of them are:

  1.       Perfect treatment area: On an average the dimensions of these tables are 1200 X 200 X 450 mm, allowing therapists to examine the patients without any complications. Moreover, the height of the table is extremely low, as a result of which patients can access it easily. This means that the treatment area can even be used by those who have limited mobility or are on a wheelchair.
  2.     Adjustable Height: The height of neurological bobath tables can be adjusted effortlessly with the help of a remote control system. Here, all you have to do is touch the button and then set the height at desired elevation. In fact, certain tables can even be upgraded with an electrical headrest. 
  3.     Easy to Move: Another important feature of these tables is that there are four wheels fixed to every corner as a result of which they can be moved from one place to another in a hassle free manner. 
  4.    Structural Stability: Besides mobility, these tables are even known for their structural stability. This is something that renders in detailed examination of the patients, when they are settled in a comfortable posture. Because even the slightest strain for the patients can affect the entire process of neurological rehabilitation. 

Who can benefit from Neurological Bobath Tables?
These tables are essential, specifically for those who need bobath treatments.  Now, these treatments are of utmost importance for children who suffer from neurological conditions like metabolism disorder, whose symptoms are similar to cerebral palsy, brain injuries (encephalitis, after stroke, meningitis and many more). In addition to children, even adults can make use of these tables right after sever coronary disease or stroke.

Things to consider when choosing Bobath Tables
There are certain key aspects that you need to consider when looking for the best neurological bobath tables such as
  • The strength of the table and even the maximum weight that it can handle. This is important because the bobath tables designed for children would differ from those that are meant for adults. On the other hand, if you are planning to have them for a hospital then you have to make sure that the features of the tables suit your requirements
  • Considering the material of the bedding is equally important. Have a look over both the hardness and softness and then compare them with the preferences that you have.
  • Make a note of the cost of bobath tables as well. And go for those options that deliver a perfect balance of quality and price, thus giving you a value for money product.

With the help of these aspects, you will be able to unleash an amazing bobath table that offers what it claims. For more information, you can even count on different online stores out there that come up with an exceptional range of tables that have been designed to meet the requirements of patients. Therefore, when in the hunt of good neurological bobath tables, never forget to consider the aforementioned aspects. 

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