5 Innovative Indian Startups all set to transform the Retail Market

Over the last few years, Indian startups have opened gates to innovation, from bringing our daily groceries at our doorstep to letting us get a cab when stuck in nowhere. We bring you five innovative startups in retail those are going to raise the bar of innovation with their Technology.

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1. Preksh                             
Preksh is a Augmented Reality Solution that creates real-time stores presence with a 360°Walkthrough. Their technology-based solution enables businesses to take their stores to customers, wherever they are, 24X7. Consumers will be able to enjoy seamless shopping experience of walking through their favourite store, discover their choice of products looking around the store, just the way they do in a physical store, and purchase online at their own convenience.

Funding Status – Funded by Target , Amrita Technology Business Incubator
2. Nexhop

Nexhop is a retail technology platform exclusively catering to the digital demands of offline businesses. It enables Retail businesses and service providers with technological needs such as retail analytics, web presence, mobile app and cloud inventory management. Many retail stores are stepping into the online world for the first time by adopting the technology platform of Nexhop and they are effectively building their online brand identity and trust by leveraging the data technology. Nexhop is currently operational in Bangalore where they are headquartered. They also have a Development Center in Toronto, Canada. An ultimate platform for small businesses to get quick help to manage their inventory, track orders, interacts with customers intelligently.  

Funding Status: Bootstrapped

Infinite Analytics delivers personalization solutions to the e-commerce companies. The analytics company brings personalized site search and recommendation products and it scales with millions of products per catalogue serving millions of visitors per day.
It creates a complete record of every user based on the catalogue search and unstructured data from online, offline and macro-trends from the web. It’s machine learning tool brings a lot of predictive analytics, which can predict user’s behaviour for retail and e-commerce applications.

Funding status - Funded by Procyon Ventures

4. MintM 

Customer engagement company MintM analyzes in-store customers . Their product 'Magnet' is a cloud based responsive and analytical platform in brick and mortar shops. 'Magnet' displays relevant content, responds and tracks expressions and generates statistics.  The adoption of this technology can be seen in the outlets like Star Bazaar, Jawed Habib, HyperCITY, Aviva Insurance, Printo and many overseas entities including Target, the retailing giant. 

Funding status - Funded

5. Lechal

Started as a manufacturer of interactive shoes for the visually impaired, Lechal has today brought to us the latest in ‘smart’ technology, smart footwear. Gone are those days when your shoe can only cover your foot. With Lechal, you can not only walk the Lechal way by navigating your way with Bluetooth enabled insoles in your shoes, but also keep track of the area you covered and the calories you burnt. Innovated an assembled in India, Lechal is also a communicating device where you can enter any location for your destination and you can easily reach there without any map. With cool features like Group journey, where a group of Lechal users heading to the same destination can track each other en route, Lechal pods support battery life of up to 15 days. Visit lechal.com and transform way you walk and change the live of a visually impaired with every shoe you buy.

Funding Status – Funded

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