Teenagers Talking Back: How to Manage This Annoying Behavior

Transitions are never pretty, especially when they involve immature teenagers struggling with the changes within and around them.  This move into adolescence places their minds and bodies into a confused state and many teens find it difficult to cope with inner chaos.

Moreover, the uncontrolled streaming of bizarre teen movies within their circles, which showcase mean teenagers flaunting their disrespectful attitude towards parents as totally acceptable and worth the laugh.  This leaves our humble teens in a more perplexed state when instead of been punished these actors get to enjoy the high life partying and sitting with the cool kids at school.

Therefore the idea gets imprinted that backtalk is cool, however when they role play the same characters in real life they face severe resistance and possibly get grounded for misconduct.

As a parent, rearing a child is an everyday  challenge. You need to be quick at sorting issues, and juggle between showing flexibility and marking boundaries.  The worst part of parenting starts when you realize that your child is showing signs of rebellion even at the little things like managingtime for homework  to doing meagre house chores. Ignoring such trivialities may seem convenient at the time but it won't look like a good idea once your child’s temper shoots sky high and you find yourself in a state of shock.

How did things get this far ?

What could trigger such an attitude and what could be done to curb it?

As good parents it is important that you try to understand the situation at hand and discuss possible solutions as opposed to charging at your kid mirroring the same intensity and turning the whole thing into a shrieking brawl.  If things get bad, a constant unrest will prevail destroying the peace and serenity of your humble abode.

So the next time you engage with your teen in an argument and  things get way out of hand remember the following tips to ensure control over raging teen attitude.

Parenting as an art: How to be better at handling an aggressive teenager

1. Nip the evil in the bud

Usually parents take their responsibilities too easy and avoid confrontations to keep matters afloat. It's true that some things can be bypassed on account of them rarely been repeated but it's wrong to ignore the signs of aggression shown by your teen to avoid a one- on-one talk.  Every parent wants their kid to think that they are cool and pretty easy going as opposed to their own strict parents. But if your child is taking this freedom a step forward by exercising free will and engaging in frequent arguments at home it's mostly your fault.

You need to keep a regular check on your teens changing behaviours, the eye rolls and the constant mumblings can be the first step towards psychotic outbursts. Take charge at once and before they start spilling fire tackle the issue tactfully. Initially, they are still afraid to show rage so urge them to share how they feel, what could be worrying them and resolve their issues with appropriate solutions.

2. Engage and Diffuse

Once you realize that you took a lot of time coming to terms with your teens attitude and now he is just like a raging bull ready to charge, plan your rebuttals. Never jump into the argument unprepared. Assess your surroundings, weigh your chances of success and then engage your teen into a sane discussion.

Remember that at this moment, he is enraged and his sentiments are all over the place. As a teen he doesn't know how to control this blazing storm and even though he is directing it all at you, his insides are calling to you for help. He requires your experience and understanding and it is your duty as a parent to be there for your child.

It's like going into a building suited up to diffuse a ticking bomb, if you can understand the mechanics you’ll be able to cut the right wire… if not, boom and everything will blow off the grid. Therefore understand your child’s situation, you've been through all this, think from their perspective and work out a suitable solution.

3. Play your Part

The worst reaction to a child’s “It’s not fair” and “ Why” is you lunging to the center like a prehistoric ape, wildly flinging your arms. It's already bad that your child is behaving like an illiterate buffoon and to worsen the situation, your identical reaction is bound to turn your living room into a battle ground.

No matter what your child is saying you need to remember that you are the parent and you will not be infuriated to react because that is exactly what your child wants.  Teenagers need someone to blame their behaviour on so they have an excuse, “ Ya, I got my temper from my dad”.

Neverlose your calm , never let your emotions get the better of you. In their perplexed state to give vent to their emotions teens can blurt out exaggerated comments but you need to understand that they love you. Mere words cannot mutilate the sacred bond between a parent and a child so only take the back talk at its surface level without digging for deeper meanings.

Who says it's easy been a parent ? … But a lot of genuine sweat and toil gets the job done. Sensible parenting is the key to establishing a healthy environment around the house. Lead by example… If you want your child to be at their best behaviour, be sure to give them some role model to look upto.

Can setting harsh boundaries and exercising aggression win you your child’s respect? Share your views in the comment box below… 

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